Playtime Chic Inspo

Earlier this week my youngest daughter had a playdate with one of her friends.  Per the usual, she and I spent quite a bit of time deciding on her ensemble to wear.  And, yes she actually does enjoy picking out clothes and matching them together... she's such a girly girl.  The norm for a playdate is to dress comfortably in "play" clothes.  As we were deciding on what to wear, it dawned on me that being chic doesn't have to go out the window in order to make room for functionality.  The two can easily go hand-in-hand together.  So, we went with look layered with fun patterns and cute accessories.  She stayed warm under the layers while also allowing herself to express her fun side through the patterns.

Plaid shirt: H&M- Camo Jacket: Old Navy- Leopard Sneakers: H&M- Cat Ears Headband: Gymboree

Choosing her playdate ensemble inspired me to go in my closet and pick some options for an upcoming brunch this weekend.  Obviously, everyone wants to be "chic" for brunch but this is also a networking event so finding an option that is also comfortable to wear for a few hours is important as well.  I took a page from Kennedy's book and decided to sass it up with patterns as well.  In the first option, the pleated skirt has a jacquard print while the denim top has embedded stones all over.  Accessories can be scaled back for this fit since the blouse itself has built in accessories!

Denim Blouse: J Crew- Jacquard Pleated Skirt: Target

My next option has a pop of color with a pink pleated skirt.  I couldn't decide on a top so I laid two options out that both go very well.  The black and white floral print blouse didn't photograph well but it is so fun in person.  With either ensemble, I will likely wear my knee boots from Ann Taylor because they are sexy yet very comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Floral Print Blouse: Gap- Striped Blouse: Banana Republic- Pink Pleated Skirt: Banana Republic

So what do you guys think... which option should I go with?  There's still a chance that I don't go with either of these and opt for a cute dress instead but for now these are first choices.  Any suggestions for accessories?  I will definitely do a follow up post about the event so you can see what I wore!  XOXO