Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops in G60

In case you are unaware (or have been in hiding) a new beauty product was released recently that has changed my life.  Cover FX came out with Custom Cover Drops last week and for once, this is nothing like any other product before.  Like, for real for real.  This product is pure pigment.  Think of it this way... Take your regular foundation for example.  Pretend you have magical powers to be able to separate the "color" from everything else in the foundation (such as moisturizer, spf, silicone, etc).  The color that you would get is exactly what is bottled up in this Cover FX product.  Since, the product is so new many people have questions of what exactly this is and how you are able to use it.  Read below for some tips and tricks...



I would suggest to use these Custom Cover Drops with Foundation that you would like to either add more coverage to and/or achieve the perfect shade.  You know those foundations you have sitting on your vanity that are about to expire because they're the wrong shade and you have no use for them.  Well hold your horses before you trash those bad boys!  By taking these Custom Cover Drops, you are able to play "scientist" and develop the perfect shade for you by mixing a few drops with any Foundation that may not quite be your perfect shade.  So far, I've only done this with my Make Up Forever Face and Body Foundation (#18) which is a little dark for me right now but perfect for summer.  Mixed with the Customer Cover Drops in G60, I was able to not only achieve the perfect shade but also more coverage as I added (3) drops for Full Coverage.


Let's say you love all of your Foundations as is, I'm sure you're wondering how else could you actually use these drops to benefit you.  Well let's get into the fact that you can use this with your favorite oil, moisturizer, primer and more!  Add (1) drop to your favorite face oil to achieve sheer coverage, or add (2) drops to your favorite moisturizer to make your own Tinted Moisturizer.  You can even add (3) drops to your Holy Grail Primer to customize a Full Coverage look for yourself without the weight of any additional ingredients.

You should NOT use this product on its own.  Always use in conjunction with another medium.  I honestly can't see any reason why someone would not like this product.  I am an oily skin girl and have had no issues with the Custom Cover Drops making my skin more oily.  Some reviews I've read and watched mentioned a dewy finish but I feel like they did not take into consideration the product they mixed it.  If you mix this with a product that normally gives you a dewy finish (such as a moisturizer or luminizing primer) then obviously this will not change that result.  I HIGHLY recommend trying this product out.  It's not only innovative but a much needed cosmetic product in the makeup community.



  1. Awesome post! Just discovered this product the other day, but I can't find my right shade. The Sephora rep gave me N50 for my neutral undertones, but it was really more on the pink side for me and accentuated the redness on my face. My neck is much more yellow than my face so it's hard getting my face and neck all match matchy! :/ I exchanged it for G40 which I thought looked great, but when I took a picture with my iPhone using face looked ghostly. I'm a MAC NC42....what MAC shade are you? Any help you can provide would be so helpful!

  2. I just got a sample of this in G60 today. I am NC 42. I hope I'll like these drops as well, Im thinking about mixing them with my moisturizers and oils as my foundations are good as is. Great review.


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