Carol's Daughter: Almond Cookie Body Line

I will be the first to admit that I am not all that great at remembering to moisturize my body daily.  To be honest, I probably moisturize once a week.  Oh, no shame here!  I just don't have the time to do it everyday and even when I do, I would rather do something else with that time.  So, when I buy body products that says A LOT.  In order for me to purchase products for my body (oils, butters, lotions, etc...) two things must occur.  They must smell amazing AND they must be on sale.  These products aren't essential to my lifestyle and they won't get used daily so why spend a fortune on them, right?

A couple of months ago, Carol's Daughter lured me in by posting to IG about their Almond Cookie Line being available at Walgreens.  Come on, the words Almond Cookie just sound YUM so I was immediately drawn in.  I kept imagining that I would smell like my body was dipped in Almond Cookie batter LOL.  So, I ran out to my nearest Walgreens and sure enough, they were fully stocked with the Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie Body Line!  Unfortunately, I was hit with some very stiff prices.

Do you see those prices?!  $13.99-$16.49 per item is not in my body care budget.  Many might say the prices aren't that expensive and this is cheap.  Well, not to me!  We all have different things we choose to really splurge on or spend our hard earned money on and this isn't one for me.  But, after I opened that Lotion bottle to get a whiff, I was SOLD!  I snatched up the Frappe Lotion, Shea Souffle and Dry  Body Oil totaling over $50 with tax.  After I got back to my desk at work, I looked the products up on the Carol's Daughter website (backwards I know) and to my flipping utter surprise they had all these package deals and coupons that were a fraction of what I had just paid.  Girl, don't you know I placed my order quick, fast and in a hurry paying only $25 (inclusive of shipping) for the same 3 products I had previously purchased PLUS a free full size Marula Oil!  I grabbed my receipt and returned those products to Walgreens immediately after work.  If you're a girl who needs immediate satisfaction then Walgreens might be the best way to go BUT I will say that the shipping from Carol's Daughter was actually super fast.

Now about those products.  The scent of the Almond Cookie Line almost reminds me of  the Jergens Original Almond scent Lotion.  Biggest difference is the Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie line has a deeper (less sweet) and more mature scent that's heavier and longer lasting.  Think of it as buying your daughter the Jergens version and Momma getting the upgrade.  When I say the scent lingers, it truly lasts just about all day.  At the end of the day it may not be as strong as when you initially applied but when you put your nose to your skin, you will surely still smell it there.  It's delicious!  The Frappe Lotion is lightweight as to be expected.  I like to use the Lotion on my upper body as it takes very little time to be absorbed.  The Shea Souffle (basically a whipped Body Butter) is heavier (again, as to be expected) and I find that it takes longer to be absorbed as most Body Butters do.  I recommend applying the Shea Souffle to damp skin so that it settles in as your skin completely dries.  It will leave your body so freaking soft and yummy smelling.  The Dry Body Oil is my favorite as it's the easiest to apply in the mornings.  It absorbs quickly and leaves your body soft and moisturized just about all day.  This is another product that I HIGHLY recommend applying just out of the shower while your body is still damp.  It is now in my Top 3 Dry Body Oils and would likely be #1 if the bottle was larger.

If you're in the market for some new luxe body goodies, give these a try.  Where to purchase is up to you but finding the products should be easy peasy.  If you've tried this line already, tell me what you think below!!  Until next time peeps  XOXOMCS


  1. Ma'am! Once a week!

    Years ago I was into Carol's Daughter bath & body products. On HSN there was a scent on month (or maybe it was like a quarter). You can get the scent when it came out or your could do auto ship and get the new scent when it came out. I'll have to see if it's still available. A couple of scents I really like and wish they would bring back. I may need to add some Almond Cookie back into my arsenal. HSN usually have some pretty good deals on the line especially when Lisa is there presenting products.

    1. Girl, yes! LOL... Once a week, had to be honest. I'll keep an eye out on the HSN deals now that I know. Thanks for stopping by!!


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