Dr. Miracles Miracle Repair 3 Step System

I received the all new Miracle Repair 3 Step System from Dr. Miracles* about a month ago to try out.  Unfortunately, I already had some testing lined up and could not get to reviewing the product immediately.  I am so not the type to just wash and style my hair immediately just to try a product out.  In fact, I believe "they" classify me as a lazy Natural.  So, here we are now about two weeks after I straightened my hair for a wedding and I thought this would be the perfect time to test this bad boy.  My  hair didn't seem damaged from straightening but anytime you apply heat, you should always give your hair a little extra TLC before and after.  I didn't skip any steps or substitute any products when testing this system as I felt it was important to use as directed since its a complete system.

Step 1: No Lather Conditioning Shampoo

Given the name of this product, I assumed this would be similar to a Cleansing Cowash.  Although, there was no lather this definitely felt more like a shampoo.  It cleansed my hair thoroughly and left it manageable but not nearly as soft as a Cowash would.  The product doesn't claim that it will soften the hair and in fact, it claims that it will "strengthen" your hair while cleansing and conditioning.  It did live up to that and although I didn't like the way my hair felt, I moved forward with the next step in the hopes that all would end well.

Step 2: DuoCare Reconstructor

If you are familiar with using Protein Treatments or "Reconstructors" then you know the product's purpose is to make your hair stronger.  Again, using this after applying heat to your curls is the perfect time!  After minimally finger detangling, I applied this cream to my hair thoroughly.  I massaged it from root to tip, concentrating lots of product on the ends and edges of my hair.  I left the product in my hair for 20 minutes without applying any heat as heat is not required for this system.  My hair didn't feel as rough as it did after Step 1 but again, it was not in a state where it could be easily detangled either.  After rinsing the product out, my hair definitely felt stronger.  In fact, it didn't feel like my hair normally does at all.  Usually this is the moment I throw in the towel and retreat to my go-to products but I was determined to "follow directions"! LOL

Step 3: Intensive Moisturizing Masque

This step is SUPER important as you NEED to add moisture back into your hair after the protein treatment.  Girl, I slapped that Masque into my hair quick fast and in a hurry.  I am not a fan of how my hair feels after protein treatments so I wasted no time adding that moisture back in.  Immediately, my hair felt much softer!!  I couldn't tell you how happy and relieved I was.  Although, my strands felt more manageable there was definitely a huge difference.  The curls felt "stronger".  Each curl had a ton of pop and shrinkage was on 100.  For my texture, this is a HUGE sign of curl health.  After about 10 minutes, I detangled using a Denman brush with the Masque still in my hair and rinsed the product out after.

Minimal hair loss after detangling. (last wash was 2 weeks ago)

Overall Opinion:

I will definitely reach for this product as a Protein Treatment option again in the future.  Having all the steps together made it easy and took the guess work out of which products I should use to ensure a smooth process.  I was not a fan of the smell which I normally do not care about at all usually.  But I found myself turning my nose up a few times during the process.  If I could change anything, I wish the process didn't take so long.  There are options out there for quick 2-5 minute protein treatments that work better (time wise) for busy Moms like me.  Mind you, I started this process at 9PM on a Monday night so I really had not set myself up well.  All-in-all, this is a great option!  At the price point of $5.99 for all the products needed for a successful protein treatment, this here is a no brainer.

*product(s) received complimentary


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