Journey to Blogging Full Time

I hope all the Mommies that follow/read my Blog out there had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.  My day was quite relaxing and surrounded by my family (quietly) as I like it, LOL.  As I spent the day with my family, I realized that I really miss staying home with them.  If you remember, it was this time last year that I resigned from my Corporate job and ended up being a Stay at Home Mom for several months.  I can't lie, those months were some of the happiest yet challenging due to my lack of income.  Sitting home with them yesterday, it dawned on me... I have a Blog, a Brand, a side hustle that could really provide me with the income to stay home with them again.  I've never Blogged with the sole intention to make money... I don't think I ever will.  I blog because it genuinely makes me happy.  It's a relief in a way, something like a passionate hobby.  I wish I could find better words to describe.  With Blogging then came carving out a little space for myself in the Social Media world.  Here is where I have had the most success thus far.  Why?  Because I'm consistent when it comes to Social Media.  I post daily which is far from what I can say about my Blog, shameful.  But, if I truly want to make some coins ||that's what the hip kids say and I'm hip|| then I need to be consistent across the board.  Blogging does take more time than posting to IG but anything that's worth it takes a little work, sometimes a lot of work.

After sitting down with my husband, we decided on a monthly amount that I need to be making in order to successfully Blog Full Time and quit my current job.  That number is HUGE but realistic in comparison to my current salary.  It's HUGE because I currently barely make a $1 from Blogging.  Sure, I receive tons of products to review and thats a great start.  I'm willing to do my time and work my way up but at some point it's time to take the next steps.  One of the first steps I took was to invest in myself.  I took some older items that I owned and sold them to purchase a much better camera to take pictures and make videos.  Finally, the Sony Alpha A5000 is mine and I am obsessed with that baby.  I hope you guys recognize and appreciate the upgrade in photo/video quality coming soon.

Well, I just wanted to share my upcoming plans with you all.  If you have any advice or tips please share them below in the comments.  I love the job I currently have and I love the people I work with... but let's be honest, I love my family even more.  My children aren't getting any younger and I'm tired of pushing this goal to the back burner.  I couldn't be more excited and anxious but I know God has my back if this is His will.  XOXOMCS


  1. I just discovered your blog on Instagram and I'm totally in awe. I'm questioning my same fate because I feel my life moving in a different direction. I also have a blog that I just started and try to post regularly. Challenging and at the same time rewarding. Thank you for sharing from one Bronx native to another!
    Stay Blessed.

    1. Eunice that means so much to me. Hopefully we can be inspiration for one another along this journey. It feels like the hardest thing I've ever had to attempt but I'm going to stay positive and push forward. Ain't nobody got time for doubt and excuses. LOL!! Good luck love.

    2. Congrats on this huge step and may God bless you on your journey! Let me know if there is any way I can support. xx


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