Return of the Curls Natural Hair Weekend || I'm Attending!

Who plans a getaway weekend to attend a Natural Hair Weekend Event? Me!  I will be bringing my curls to Hampton, VA to attend the Return of the Curls Natural Hair Weekend from July 10-12, 2015.  This will be one of very few times that I am away from my entire family so yes, I will miss them, but I plan to CUT UP.  LOL.  Amber Janielle and I have been planning this weekend for months now.  Not only am I looking forward to her being a Blogger Panel Guest but we are planning to attend just about every event (if not EVERY event) happening that weekend.  If you're lucky we'll even vlog.  I have not confirmed this with Amber yet so she may cut me.  I'm considering even setting up a SnapChat account just to bring you guys along on our shenanigans.

Are any of you attending as well?  It's a fantastic opportunity to network with fellow Curlies and just have an all around great time.  I'm attempting to lose a little weight so I can be ON POINT hunty!!  I can't be meeting and greeting everyone on the same angles that I take my selfies so a little weight loss is necessary.  LMBO.  (I wish I could literally laugh some of my butt off LOL)  I hope to see/meet some of you IRL there!!  XOXOMCS