QUICK REVIEW || OGX Curling Butter Leave-In or Rinse Out

This has been a popular product across Social Media lately due to its inclusion in the May Onyx Box.  The Onyx Box is a monthly subscription box where you receive hair and beauty products monthly for only $25.  After seeing posts about the product, my junkie habits kicked in and I ran to my nearest Ulta to snatch it up.  While this one is specifically geared towards curls, they do have other options in this "Leave-In or Rinse Out" product line.  Since Ulta had BOGO 50% off, I ended up buying the Moroccan Oil Hydrate + Repair product as well.

Deciding how I wanted to use this product was easy since it provided me with choices!  After rinsing my Deep Conditioner out, I applied the Curling Butter directly to my wet hair.  I started with a fairly small amount because I didn't know how thick the consistency would be.  Although, it's called a "butter" the consistency is super lightweight.  You can definitely tell it's loaded with oils immediately upon application which is great and in fact, I found it to be more of an Oil-in-Cream product.  I don't know if I would consider it a Butter.  Personally, I would only use it as a Leave-In product due to its consistency and lack of slip.  It does not coat your hair like a Butter would for it to be useful in detangling as a Rinse-Out Conditioning product.  Since, it is an Oil-in-Cream product, it worked GREAT as my Leave-In and Oil for the LOC Method.  It's a 2-in-1 product in that regards and allowed me to skip a step while styling.  I've seen the product being used as the prominent styling product which I would not do myself.  As I said, this product is very lightweight and does require an additional layering product (whether cream or gel) for styling purposes so the hair doesn't dry out.  Sure, you can use this product by itself for a Wash and Go or for a Twist Out but you will not achieve that juicy, moisturized end result.  Instead, you will likely end up with a fluffier, softer style that will need moisture added back in within 2 days MAX.

Curls AFTER applying product as a Leave-In

If you can't tell already, I would not repurchase this product.  I did return the Moroccan Oil Leave-In or Rinse Out product after using this Curls Curling Butter.  I will continue to use the Curls Curling Butter Leave-In or Rinse Out as a Leave-In option until it's finished.  I would recommend this product for curly girls with a 3C hair type (or lower on the hair typing scale).  If you have a kinkier texture or require more slip, you may not see promising results with this product.  Since, the product is fairly inexpensive you can always give it a try and see for yourself.  I have very high standards when it comes to Conditioner and Slip but luckily this particular product can actually be used for other things as well.  Not all reviews will be RAVE reviews and this one actually isn't bad.  As with any product, if you try it out one way and it fails don't give up... Just reevaluate the product and use it however it may work best for YOU.  If you received the Onyx Box with this product, what were your thoughts?