Return of the Curls Natural Hair Weekend 2015 RECAP ||Part 3|| The Blogger Branding Brunch

Photo Staging Courtesy of @eugeniasays

We are here to end this recap on a high note, and a VERY high one at that.  The Blogger Branding Brunch was the most anticipated event of the weekend for myself.  Sure I came to party, to network and shop a little at the expo but the Blogger Branding Brunch was the reason for my 3+ hour hike from Northern Virginia.  And, it was worth every minute of travel time, every penny of the money I budgeted towards this trip.

The morning of the Blogger Branding Brunch, I received an alert from Periscope that Shalleen from NaturalHairDoesCare was doing a Scope on '5 Tips for Attending an Event'.  The title may have been slightly different, you know those Periscope videos disappear after 24 hours so I wasn't able to verify the exact title but you get the drift.  From this Scope, I picked up 2 tips... Arriving on time to get the seat YOU want and Bringing tools to take notes.  Let's just say this was the first event I arrived to before the start time all weekend.  Yeah, Shalleen has a way with her words.

Myleik was the main speaker at this event and she seriously did an amazing job.  She found a way to professionally give the information we came for with a down to earth attitude that let us know we could trust her.  Yes, she came to  provide us with knowledge on 'Branding' but her words and advice could be applied to so many different areas of my life!  Once she was done dropping gems, the mic was passed on to the Bloggers on the panel.  This time the Blogger panel consisted of Vaughn (@msvaughntv), Jonna (@naturallyglam), Kim (@naturallyfashionable) and Adeea (@trendysocialite).  This panel turned out to be amazing as it was interactive with the audience and allowed up and coming Bloggers (like myself) to ask questions that we may not have normally had the opportunity to ask.

While the Blogger Panel flowed fluidly, we can't forget who was behind the mic making it all happen.  Shalleen (@naturalhairdoescare) was an amazing host/moderator and her eloquent speaking had me mesmerized every time she took the mic back.  She takes public speaking to a whole new level.  She listened well and knew how to bridge one conversation to the next.  Ugh, I need her speaking skills in ALL my YouTube videos.  Seriously.

Photo Courtesy of @naturalhairdoescare IG

The Brunch ended with more networking (obviously), photos with Myleik and the Blogger Panel (obviously) and Goodbyes since everyone was heading back home (unfortunately).  I left this event more confident in myself, my Blog and my decision to leave my full-time job.  It was just what I needed at just the right time.  On my drive home, I replayed my favorite moments from the weekend over and over again in my head while mapping out how I would maintain these newly formed relationships beyond these three days.  I absolutely cannot wait to the next event and hope see some of you there!  Until next time...