Subscription Boxes are good for EVERYONE

I know some of you are shaking your head in disagreement with the title of this post but bear with me.  Over the past few years, subscription boxes have become uber popular.  Some even forming waitlists, selling out or closing new membership sign-ups.  We've all seen the hype surrounding these boxes and a new one is popping up daily.  Personally, I'm not a member of any of these Subscriptions but I still see the value in having them around.

Most of us who aren't members of these Subscriptions usually opt out because of the inconsistency in products we actually like that are given month to month.  Some of us opt out of joining because we don't see the value (financially) in the products offered in particular Boxes.  These are both really good reasons that I can relate to personally.  Please believe, those companies are not going to come crashing down because we don't subscribe LOL.  What many don't actually realize is that these Subscriptions are still providing their respective markets with a lot value (informational) whether you're a member or not.  I cannot even tell you how many products I purchased after seeing a review done on a product received in one of these Subscription Boxes.  On the flip side, I have also seen reviews on products that steered me in the direction NOT to purchase a product I had on my list.  When a new box is released each month, I always check what products were offered and then I slowly make my way through the hashtag to see how people are rating those products.  Now do you see what I'm talking about?!  Aren't you glad you checked your feelings at the door?! LMBO.  Our inner product junkie is really the one who's most appreciative for these Subscription Boxes.  For without them, we would be pissed about products we purchased MUCH more often.  A large number of reviews done these days are products that were given the spotlight by being in a Subscription Box.  I can tell you right now, I purchased my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE (yes, all caps was needed) Deep Conditioner after seeing it offered in CurlBox.  The Pantene 2-Minute Curl Masque was the best addition to my regimen ever (while it lasted *side eye* but that's another story...).  I don't find myself out purchasing products left and right but I can honestly say that a goooood amount of my purchases come from seeing a Curlfriend post about the products included in their Box. (*cough cough* @amberjanielle)

So before you turn up your nose at the Subscription Boxes, think about it's benefit to your wallet!  I actually encourage people to become members so that I can reap the benefits of knowing about new products to the market. And yes, there's plenty of dealers out there that don't use their own stuff so don't you judge me!  So, who out there is a member to one of these Subscriptions?  Don't be shy, tell us which box(es) you receive and why you chose that one in particular.  Later Shoppe Girls.