This year I wanted to share how I go about getting my family ready to go back to school.  We have three whole children in my family and this is the first year that all three will be in school (Kennedy starts Kindergarten).  Preparing your home for one child is difficult enough, but I figured as a Mom of three there are a few things that I can share to help ease the stress. This BTS x MCS Series will provide major tips that will definitely get you on the road to success.  I'm not saying you will get the exact address and house number, but you will at least be on the right road, LOL.

Today I wanted to stress how important Organizing your home for the beginning of the school year is.  This includes everything from cleaning your actual house to outfit planning for the week.  By organizing, you are subconsciously getting your children in an organized state of mind for school.  The best students are usually very organized and having things in order sets them up for success.  So, get to cleaning!  I'm talking about clean your house like you're Spring cleaning.  The best time to do this is when your kids are away.  Do they go visit the Grandparents in the summer?  Or away to camp?  Shoot, if you're just able to have a friend watch them for 24 hours then do that!  But you need a day to thoroughly clean your house.  For me, that means everything from dusting and laundry down to sorting through clothes that are too small and cleaning the carpets.  When your child walks through that door, they should sense a shift has happened.  The conversion from laid back summer time chilling to an organized and structured home should be CLEAR.  Crystal.

Next up, let's get those closets together.  My absolute favorite closet organization item are the hanging shelves.  They come with five cubby spots for the five days of the weeks and can be purchased here.  These items are SUPER timesavers during the school year.  We pick out ensembles for the week on Sunday and place them in the appropriate Monday-Friday cubby.  I kid you not when I say this can save you like 30-40 minutes daily.  Have you ever seen a sleepy kid try to pick out clothes at 6:30 AM?! Yeah, it usually takes about 4 tries for them to get it right and even then it's not totally together but you're just so fed up.  Do yourself a favor and get you one of these organizers.

Lastly, I will share how my family organizes daily activities.  We tried the official family calendar thing.  It didn't work.  We failed.  And, we don't like being failures so we found a solution.  What works for us is a dry erase board.  Plain and simple.  I list the days of the week vertically and then I will jot down activities planned for each day with corresponding time.  It is no fuss, easy peasy and best of all, it WORKS for us.  It is hung close to the door where the kids get their shoes on so, it's visible both coming and going.  If it's effective and it's simple then it works for our family.  There are better options like Dry Erase Boards that actually have Calendars on them so just do your research and see what works best for you.  One word of advice... Don't go with what looks good or what works for that Mommy Blogger you follow on Instagram.  Choose an option that really works for YOUR family.

These are just a few ways that I get things in order for the school season.  Whatever you choose to take from this post, just keep in mind that starting the year off organized will get everyone off on the right track.  As a parent you won't be so stressed or anxious and for your children, they will be on their game anticipating success for the week.  So Moms, what are some of your must-have organization tips?!  This is the perfect time of year to share!!  Come back on Wednesday for the next Topic in the BTS x MCS Series: Quick Meals.