ColourPop Matte Lip || REVIEW

I know I haven't reviewed a beauty product on here in a little while.  Forgive me!  Lord knows I'm still buying left and right so I really have no excuse.  Well, I'm back reviewing a goodie at least... The uber popular Colour Pop Matte Liquid Lipsticks!  These things are all over the 'Gram and it's no wonder at just $6 a pop (see what I just did there? LOL), they're an easy buy.  In fact, ColourPop has come to town and shut it down with their reasonable pricing ranging from $5-$9 for individual products.  Not to mention, there is always a coupon code floating around somewhere!

For only $6, it's pretty hard to not be worth the price tag!  The packaging alone made me feel like it was worth the few dollars.  They sport similar packaging to other liquid lipsticks out there such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kat Von D but at a fraction of that cost.  Let's get into wear and quality though.  Application was not the easiest as these type of lip products do not go on as evenly as regular lipsticks.  You have to be very careful to apply exactly the same of amount swipes over each section of your lip.  It is also very important to let each coat/layer dry before applying another.  This only takes about 30 seconds.  As for wear, it is definitely long wearing as long as you don't eat anything that contains grease/oil.  The color lasted hours while I drank coffee, water, ate some snacks and had some fruit but it was half gone after I consumed my fries and burger from Five Guys!  Even removing with a makeup wipe wasn't the easiest task so once it goes on, it's pretty much there to stay.

Bottom line, I'm buying more.  LOL.  I think that tells you whether or not I think they're worth it!  Below are swatches of the (4) shades I've purchased so far: Lax, Trap, Creeper and Zipper.  Any of you ColourPop fans?!  What have you purchased so far and what do you currently have on your wishlist?







  1. I just purchased these and I am so excited! I can't wait for them to ship. These look flawless on you! Like you, I purchased "trap". Would you recommend it be used with liner?


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