Curls Girls Rule the World

Recently, I decided to leave my 6+ year career in Hotel Sales to pursuit my passion in Blogging and Content Creating for MyCandiShoppe.  This was a decision that took some time to come to with my husband but we knew it was inevitable.  I can't say we were even the best prepared for me to resign when I did but I had come to a breaking point.  Miserable doesn't even begin to describe how I felt having to go work a job that I had no interest in and was totally draining.  It was beginning to take a major toll on me mentally and effect my family at home.  My heart was in MyCandiShoppe and I knew with total dedication I could eventually make the same income (if not more).
One night, my husband and I sat down to look over our finances and determine if his income solely could support the family (if need be).  To our surprise, we had quite a bit of wiggle room!  And, once we actually made a budget for food and bills things looked even better.  You see we were living a lifestyle that utilized ALL of our means because we didn't find it necessary to cut costs at the time.  After taking a closer look at the bigger picture, it was very clear that God had made this transition possible for us a long time ago!

I encourage others to take a look at your life... Is it the life you want to be living?  Is God providing you with an alternative option that you may be ignoring?  Yes, you may not be able to get all the things you 'want' but I guarantee God will give you everything you 'need'.  I hope my story can inspire others to pursuit their dreams, lean on God and live with purpose.