Goals for Year 31

Monday was my first official day home after resigning my corporate 9-5 job last month.  Call me an over thinker but the fact that I'm starting this new adventure at just about the same time as I am starting a new year of life (yesterday was my birthday) doesn't feel like a coincidence.  As I think about what I anticipate over this next year and how I will grow in this business venture, I can appreciate the valleys I was in to get here.  It would be great to think that my husband and I sat down one day and was like 'okay, you can quit your job'.  The way our finances are set up, it was far from that depiction but when I woke up this morning I had so much joy and gratefulness in my heart.  The struggle, tears, depression and self doubt I went through seems so minor now compared to the journey I am about to embark on.

5 Goals for Year 31

 Give more of myself to God and better my spiritual relationship with Him
 Invest more time into my Family
Improve my Health with better Eating and Exercise Habits
 Grow my Online Community across all Platforms
Increase the Revenue produced from my Blog

That's really all the goals I have for this next year.  A lot is required for each of the above items and I want to make sure that I am giving quality effort to them.  Not to mention, the benefits that will come from reaching each of these goals will in turn create a number of new tasks.  It's not necessary to always make HUGE lists of goals because many times we find ourselves so overwhelmed with the tasks that we end up throwing in the towel or not truly giving each goal quality effort.  This was not intended to be a super lengthy post but I'm sure many people were probably wondering what's to come now that I've resigned and I wanted to address that curiosity.  This is going to be a long, bumpy, exciting, anxious yet fun ride and I'm glad to have you guys riding shotgun with me.


  1. I'm very happy for you Candice!

  2. Year 31 is going to be the best yet!

    1. Thank you for putting that out into the Universe Lena! I feel the same way :-)

  3. I will definitely be following you and your journey. I am looking to you for motivation as I begin to venture into a few things after I marry this September. I so love you, your hair and your dedication to happiness. - @meekyonce from IG

    1. OMG, Congratulations Tameka! This is such a new journey that I know so many people have done before but I am definitely hoping to inspire people within my community to do the same if it's in their hearts. I so appreciate your support love!! XOXOMCS


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