#ManiMonday: Illamasqua Stance

If you caught one of my recent Scopes then you know I am obsessed with Berry lip shades.  Well the same actually goes for my nails.  I can't tell you how many Berry nail lacquers I have in my stash!  They are all pretty much the same shade (slightly different variations), just different brands. LOL  Once I find a shade that really works for me or really looks amazing on against my skintone, I usually stick with it.  In previous years, that color was Chartreuse and now it's all things Berry.

This particular shade, Stance, is from the cosmetic brand Illamasqua!  They have any amazing quality and smoothness about them.  Best of all, the applicator brush is perfection.  For some reason I only have (2) shades from Illamasqua but I really need to get more because I never have an issue applying this lacquer like I can and do with other brands.  It's like a fool proof nail lacquer!  Unfortunately, Sephora no longer sells this brand and I can only locate it on Illamasqua's official website here.  If you do happen to know of a US store that sells it still, please let us know below.  Otherwise, I will provide other Berry options over the next couple of weeks.



  1. Pretty color! Not quite the same as regular retail but I've seen the brand on Hautelook.

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for taking the time to read the post and comment. This shade is absolutely gorgeous... If you do happen to see it on HauteLook, I would snatch it right on up.


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