Shoppe Faves Friday: Periscope

Periscope has quickly become an addiction in my household.  Of course, when I first took interest everyone else wanted nothing to do with it.  My husband tried to stay as far as he could so as not to be included.  My sister down in Atlanta didn't have much memory left on her phone and didn't feel Periscope deserved the space. LOL.  Yet, each one of them after just one Scope was hooked.  My husband swears he has fans now and my sister believes she's a Star on my Scope.  It really doesn't take much to get sucked in quick.  If you're not careful you will spend your whole day on there and get absolutely nothing done in your real life.  I've done my fair share of time on Periscope and already have some favorite "Scopers" that I try to tune into daily (or whenever they're on).  So, this week I am sharing my current favorite Bloggers/Personalities on Periscope.

Mattie is a Blogger (fashion if you need to classify) who knows how to have a well rounded Periscope account.  You can catch her in the morning as she's getting off to her day or even well after her day has begun for some 'Tea with Mattie'.  Then about midday she may come back on for some Blogging Tips and taking notes is highly suggested (by me lol).  Towards the end of the day you can catch Mattie preparing for her little family to come home. Sometimes she may be making dinner, or grabbing dinner or just winding down from her work day.  I just love her personality and how she addresses content clearly in a very down to earth manner.

Ty Alexander is off the chain.  She has a Beauty Blog,, that I started following long long ago. She's been one of my favorite Beauty Bloggers on IG for a while now but she COMPLETELY and TOTALLY won me over on Periscope.  Her personality is on 100 and I AM HERE FOR IT.  She definitely makes me miss New York every time I tune in!

Stephanie is a Natural Hair and Lifestyle Blogger that I met.. ON PERISCOPE!  Yes, I am actually meeting Curlfriends and Naturalistas on Periscope faster than I ever have on Instagram or through my Blog.  This sweetheart is always sharing some health conscious recipes or wellness options perfect for the working Mom.  To top it off, her mane is gorgeous so you will likely find yourself just staring at those curls the whole time.  She's definitely someone I wish I had met sooner but I'm thankful to Periscope for bringing us together.

In just a matter of mere weeks Nicole has not only mastered the Scope but gained a HUGE following, and for good reason.  The girl is all about sharing her tips on Monetizing YOUR LIFE.  Your ENTIRE life.  She has a dynamic personality that will have you smiling at her during the whole Scope.  The Periscope community has even dubbed her "ScOprah" due to her strong business acumen and ability to translate that into teachable skills.  Please believe, you want to sit in on these Scopes and learn a thing or two about how to earn all those coins.

Kim is a Fashion Blogger that I recently started following on Instagram after the Return of the Curls Natural Hair Weekend 2015 in Hampton, VA.  Hearing her speak on the panels was a breath of fresh air as she dished it all the way REAL.  Her discussions on Periscope are no different!  She tackles many of the same topics as other Bloggers/Personalities but without the fluff.  So, if I see her pop on to discuss a topic that I really need the scoop on, I definitely tune and invite ALL of my followers.

One main thing that draws me to certain people on Periscope is their ability to interact and be personable.  There are tons of people on Periscope that have a huge following but their personalities do not come across well on Periscope.  The obvious difference is that Periscope is LIVE which means there's no editing or voice overs.  I honestly thought the rawness of my own personality would not translate well on Periscope but I was totally wrong.  At this point, I am drawn to Periscope more than YouTube these days but let's not forget... YouTube is still video KING. LOL.