TGIN Moist Collection for Natural Hair

Last week TGIN was super sweet and sent over their entire collection to the MyCandiShoppe HQ for review.  Well, I tested and used them then used them again so that I can bring you guys a complete review of each product.  I'm sure you have seen these products all over and may have a question or two.  Just keep scrolling down, read my thorough review and hopefully those questions will be answered.

I am always hesitant to test shampoos because I just don't know how my hair will react.  I've tried so many shampoos that have made my hair hard or completely stripped it of everything.  So, Cowashes are my thing.  I gave this shampoo a go anyways so that I could try out the entire line and see how everything worked together.  Well, I'm glad I did because this product actually left my hair SOFT!  I did still get that super clean feel that is inevitable with shampoos but it left my hair manageable.

You guys know I'm a stickler for slip when it comes to Conditioner.  My coils are super tight so I need Conditioners with a great deal of slip for detangling purposes.  The Triple Moisture Conditioner passed the test!  As soon as I applied it, my hair just felt like butter and any kinks just melted away.  Detangling was a breeze!  I was actually surprised by how well it worked for me because it's a pretty lightweight Conditioner but it worked just as good, if not better, than the thicker options out there.

OH. EM. GEE. I should just start this review by stating you NEED this product like yesterday.  If you are a fan of thicker Conditioners, then you may want to grab this instead of the Replenishing Conditioner.  The slip is freaking AMAZING for a Hair Mask... Shoot, it's amazing for any Conditioner really.  What I really love about this product is that your hair still feels just as soft once you rinse the Hair Mask off! I can't say that about every good Conditioner out there.

I couldn't really decide if this was my favorite product or the Hair Mask.  That was until I used this as my base for a Wash & Go.  This is hands my favorite product from the line now.  Using this as a "Leave-In" option when styling my Wash & Go worked really well for me and left my hair SO moisturized, soft and shiny.  The fact that I can use this product no matter what style I'm doing is a HUGE plus.  This is another product from the line that is lightweight, thus making it a great option when layering products.

This Cream is the perfect compliment to the rest of the collection.  The product is lightweight yet provides a great deal of long term moisture.  As you can see, that is the running theme in this collection... Lightweight and Moisturizing. LOL.  I did find it to be bit tacky but I have yet to try any Twisting Cream that didn't have a bit of tackiness.  This provides your hair with the hold needed for that amazing definition but since it's lightweight you won't be left with weighed down hair.

You ever try a hair product that smelled so good you wished you could slather it all over your body?  But, then realized applying a leave-in conditioner all over your body wouldn't be such a great idea?  LOL.  Well TGIN has you covered with this Serum.  This oil smells exactly like the other products in the line... AMAZING. But, you ARE able to slather this all over your body if you want.  To top it off, you can also use it in your hair!  This product is genius and seriously, all hair brands with products that smell super yummy need to do this.  The one thing I would change is switching this product to a spray bottle.  It would make for a much easier application.

So, these are the products I used when testing out the line in it's entirety.  I can't say I have anything bad to say about any of it!  Prior to receiving these products, I didn't have any TGIN hair products but I now have (2) more Hair Masks and Daily Moisturizers ordered and their way to me as back-ups.  Yeah, it's that serious at this point.  LOL.  If you're interested in trying any of these products out for yourself, you can find them at Target, Amazon, Local Beauty Supply Stores or on the TGIN website here.  If you are purchasing from the TGIN website, use my PROMO CODE: TGINCANDI to receive additional savings!  And, don't forget to tell me what you think of the products once you try them out for yourself!!