Fall Changes: Cut + Color

I've been itching for some change over the past YEAR I would say.  I'm not sure what has kept me from taking the plunge but if I don't do something at this point, I may have a mental meltdown.  Later this month, I will be attending The Naturalista Hair Show so I'm trying to narrow down and decide what I want so that I can rock my flyness at the event.  I do know that I want need to have my cut re-shaped.  It's been over a year since it's been shaped.  Not to be confused with trimmed, because I have had it trimmed a few times over the past year.  Although, I have a heart shaped style currently, I am considering taking a few inches off.  I think.  LOL.  Then there's the idea of adding some color.  I am obsessed with adding some purple into my hair in a minor way.  Like, I'm want to be able to "see" the color but not really "see" the color.  LMAO.  Does that make sense to anyone else?  It's probably easier for me to show you!

Here are some 'Shape' ideas that I have:
Instagram Beauty: @op_po_sites_attract

Instagram Beauty: @op_po_sites_attract
My main concern with this cut is KNOWING it will still look good with my hair texture.  While I think it's a dope shape, it may not fall the way I envision with my curl texture.  I tried to find someone with a hair type more similar to my own but couldn't.  If you guys know of any, tag me on their pictures please!

Next up... These are some 'Color' ideas I had:

Instagram Beauty + Blogger: Chronicurls 
Instagram Beauty + Hair Stylist: @shaddah_elyse
As you can see, I'm on the fence with how much pop of color I want.  While I absolutely LOVE Liane's ombre color (@chronicurls), the subtle highlights may work better for my actual personality.  I absolutely love having dark hair.  Every time I have ever dyed my hair another color in my life, back to black (or very dark, almost black) I went not too long after.  So, I don't want to waste money or hair health on a decision that will only last 3 months max.

I'm not usually this indecisive which is why it's driving me crazy that I can't decide on what I want.  I know, I know... It's only hair!  Blah, blah, blah.  I just don't want to waste money (it's tight these days) and I don't want to look a hot mess because I can't afford to have it changed (right away) if I don't like it.  Bottomline, I'm getting this done this week so (in my Kevin Hart voice) HELP. ME.



  1. I think subtle is the way to go then you can ease your way into more if you want to. My purple was dark at first and got brighter the more I washed it. Can't wait to see your flyness!

    1. YES! You definitely get me Lianne!! Since I'm also cutting, going subtle with the color at first will likely be the best option for now.


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