Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in DC with Creme of Nature

On Sunday, October 19th, I made my way into DC to join the Creme of Nature Team for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.  Honestly, I have never done a 'Walk for a Cause' before so I was probably way too excited. Like, didn't get decent rest the night before because I was so excited! LOL.  Looking back, all that excitement was definitely warranted because it was truly an amazingly fun experience.

I was invited by Creme of Nature to be a co-captain for the Team in DC along with Dayna (@itsdaynadane).  Yolanda Renee (@etcblogmag) was the Captain and man did she do an incredible job leading.  While myself and Dayna arrived just minutes before the Walk began (due to crazy DC Parking issues), Yolanda AND her girls were there at the crack of dawn (perhaps not the real crack but you know what I mean LOL) ready and waiting to greet all the Team Members bright and early.  The temperature was a cute 48 degrees when I arrived at the Washington Monument.  Can we say BRICK!  We all brought our daughters along and while the adults handled the cold temps just fine, the minis were not here for it.  They had us wrap them up in whatever blankets + sweaters we had on hand and re-wrap them every time they came unraveled.  The Moms really couldn't complain though because those minis stayed in great spirits and walked the entire 5k!  So maybe it took 20+ stops to re-wrap them up, but we all cheerfully made it to the Finish Line.

Being amongst so many Survivors also brought along its own emotions.  Talk about putting things in perspective.  Walking with the Team was all kinds of fun but we truly were there for a serious reason... to raise money!  If you happened to miss the Walk with us, you can definitely still support this incredible cause.  Your donation will help the American Cancer Society save lives from Breast Cancer by funding research, providing free information + support, and helping women take steps to reduce the risk of them developing the disease.  Yolanda said it best in her latest YouTube video, with all the followers she has (or even I have), if everyone donated just $1 imagine the impact we could make.  Click here to make your donation... it seriously can be just $1!

Thank you for your support!!