The Naturalista Hair Show || My 1st Panelist Experience

(L-R) Courtney @CurlsandCouture, Francheska @heyfranhey, Annisa @ilovealimara
We are weeks past September 27, 2015 which was The Naturalista Hair Show, and I owe you guys some insight!  As you know, I was a speaker on the Blogger Panel and it was my first time ever doing so.  While speaking publicly isn't a fear of mine, being on a Panel is a bit different.

Normally, when you speak publicly at an event you prepare what you will say.  Some people even bring note cards or jot down keywords to keep them on track.  Well when you're on a Panel, there is a Moderator who asks questions and gives you an opportunity to respond.  Often times, you are not privied to the questions that will be asked in advance so you really have to be quick on your feet.  Luckily, Nicole Walters (the Moderator), asked very light and easy questions that didn't take too much thought.  Everything goes so quick that if you take too much time thinking of your answer, you won't speak at all!!  LOL.  And, since there were a diverse group of Bloggers on the Panel (from uber popular to just starting), we all provided very different answers to the questions asked.

Speaking is just one part of the experience though and it's actually the only thing I focused on leading up to the event.  I totally forgot about the picture taking and mingling with the attendees.  There were LOTS of pictures and if there is one thing I learned, it's to change into your 'comfy' shoes before the pictures.  Once the pictures start, there's no stopping and can last for just as long as the actual Panel!  With this being the very first Panel I've spoken on, I've definitely picked up on some amazing tips for the next time.  I couldn't be more grateful for the experience.


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