How I Take it Off || Nighttime Skincare

Long story short, I have sensitive, acne prone skin that tends to be super oily.  It took me quite some time to figure out what works and what didn't work that I nearly gave up and threw in the towel.  Lucky enough for me, there are so many great Blogs out there dedicated to getting your skin snatched.  The one thing I can't do is switch up skincare products all willy nilly.  Nope, my face won't have it and I will start looking like a 14 year old girl that just hit puberty.  Finding the balance for my sensitive, acne prone, oily skin is sometimes painful but the products below have definitely helped in the process!

I've been using these face wipes for years now.  They're the first step in taking my face off every night.  Using the wipes before my actual cleanser saves me a ton of money.  Why?  Because I'm not having to use more Cleanser or wash my face 2-3 times to get all the makeup off.  Believe me, the wipes help out in so many ways.  And, if you find some amazing wipes like these that actually do more than just take your makeup off then you're truly winning.

First things first, you need to go run and grab this Cleanser NOW!  Danielle from StylenBeautyDoc posted a picture of these bad boys on Instagram and raved over them.  So naturally, I ran out immediately (I literally ran out 10 minutes after her Instagram post LOL) to my nearest Walgreens and picked not one but TWO jars up.  Yep, that's how much I trust certain Blogs and Bloggers.  These Daily Resurfacing Pads are the perfect option for very light exfoliation every day.  One side is more rough than the other side but it's nothing crazy.  For those of us that use a Clarisonic but can't use it daily, this a great option to use in between your Clarisonic days.  Ugh, I can't tell you how much I am loving this product.  Two thumbs up!

This Mask is a newbie to the crew.  Back in September NUDE sent me some products for review and this was one of them.  Due to my difficult skin, I always have to take at least a month when reviewing new skincare products before I can give a definitive review.  Thankfully this Mask passed the test of being sensitive enough to not break me out but strong enough to show results!  If you have oily skin, this Mask is a must-have in your arsenal.  Not only does it draw out all the impurities in your skin but it leaves your face GLOWING chile.  If you have an event to attend... Holiday Party, Family Thanksgiving, hell if you want to be snatched when your Husband comes home from work... Throw this mask on THAT DAY.  It is NOT a daily mask and shouldn't be used more than twice a week so be careful not to become addicted to it's results.  Real Talk.

I've been using this as a toner after I wash my face.  It's heavy duty enough to remove any stubborn remaining makeup but sensitive enough to use around the eyes to remove that mascara that seems to be holding on for dear life.  Micellar Water became all the craze sometime last year and seems to still be going pretty hard as more and more brands are coming out with their own version.  I can't say there is anything "spectacular" about this product but it works great for me.  Listen, if it doesn't break me out, is inexpensive and serves a decent purpose then I'M GOOD.  There are products that I am a bit more picky about but those are usually my core products that I spend some coin on, not a $5 bottle of Cleansing Water from Target, OK!

This Moisturizer right here is BAE.  Like can I make you your favorite dinner, massage your feet, clean the house and take care of the kids while you relax and watch tv all night, BAE.  For the longest, I wouldn't wear Moisturizers because it only added yet another layer of product on top of my already oily skin.  Then I found some Bloggers who really put it all in perspective for me and since then my goal has always been to have a moisturizer that isn't thick, absorbs quickly and doesn't add to my oiliness.  Well, this Moisturizer here hits on all of those points.  Two small pumps (YES, it comes with a pump as if sent from the baby Jesus Himself) is all it takes and it literally absorbs within seconds so you better work real quick.  Sephora's VIB Sale starts next week and this product is definitely on my list to purchase!

I keep my Skincare Regimens super simple, especially at night.  Finding products that allows me to do that is extremely important.  If I need 10 or more products to get the job done then the job is not going to get done.  The only two products that I am always on the hunt for and have yet to find staples for are an eye cream and a serum.  If you guys have any recommendations, please let me know below.  Stay tuned because I plan to share ALL my beauty secrets + staples this month on the Blog.  I'm trying to get us all right before the Holidays so you can't afford not to be subscribed.