Protective Styling with TGIN: Fall Hair

This is for all the lazy naturals out there like myself.  If even the thought of installing a Protective Style makes you tired then this short term protective style is right up your alley.  I've been doing crown braids using cheap braid hair for some time now.  It's the easiest style to install and spruce up a low ponytail.  Below are the steps to achieve the style and links to purchase the products.
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I purchased Kanekalon Braid Hair from Sally Beauty Supply Store for super cheap.  Like $2.59 cheap!!  The darker hair I used (found here) is the color 1B and the bright magenta color I used was also purchased at Sally Beauty but doesn't appear to be sold online.  I took a small fraction of the Magenta hair and combined it with all of the darker hair.  I tied a large rubber band in the middle of the hair and braided each end of the hair.


Under your Protective Styles it's super important to keep your own hair moisturized... Even if it is short term.  Prior to installing your style, I would recommend Washing and Deep Conditioning.  My personal favorite for Deep Conditioning is the TGIN Honey Miracle Mask.  If you haven't tried it yet, you really need to because I am 100% sure you will love it. This Deep Conditioner provides an incredible amount of slip PLUS gives your hair ALL the moisture.  Once you're done washing and begin prepping your hair for styling, make sure you not only use a great moisturizer but you also SEAL that moisture in with an oil.  For this style, I used the TGIN Buttercream Daily Moisturizer and the TGIN Hair and Body Serum to seal in that moisture.  The reason I used this Daily Moisturizer is because it also has amazing slip, it's lightweight and adds the perfect amount of moisture for this Protective Style.  Be careful not to make this ponytail too tight since you will be leaving it in for a little while.  You don't want that tension on your edges.


Brush your hair into a low ponytail and create a tiny bun.  You can either use a black elastic band to secure your ponytail or braid your hair and pin.  If your hair is too long to do either without it looking 'jacked' then part your hair down the middle and do two french braids or twists going back and pin the hair milkmaid style.  Next take the faux hair mixture by the rubber band secured in the middle, extend the rubber band and wrap the band around your low ponytail bun.  If you did a braid instead of a ponytail bun then just pin the faux hair in the center using a bobby pin.  Speaking of bobby pins, you will need quite a bit from here!  Where to go from here should be pretty obvious.  Take a braid from one side and wrap it completely around your head then pin away to secure.  Do the same with the braid on the other side.  Once you're done pinning, the style is complete!

Reading the directions above while watching the short YouTube Tutorial may help you understand better how this all comes together.  You can either click the link here to watch or press play below.