Meet Knight: My Sony A5000 Camera

This is just a preliminary meet and greet for my camera, Knight.  He is the uber popular Sony Alpha A5000 in the color black.  I am a camera amateur and like to have very user friendly cameras with lots of bells + whistles.  This one feels like it was made just for me.  I've had the camera since April of this year and thought it would be helpful/useful for me to share why I love this thing.  If you are a Photography Pro, then you may find this post a little beneath you.  This post is more for the beginners like myself who are in the market for a camera for basic photos and filming.

This camera is LOADED with amazing features.  Finding and using these features have been made super easy and doesn't even require reading a manual.  Now, I did spend quite a few hours just oogling over my new baby when he came in the mail which gave me more than enough time to learn some quick tricks.  Straight out of the box, I was able to achieve super focused pictures with the background blurred or out of focus.  This blew my mind.  Never have I been able to get pictures like this with any other camera and kit lens.  Maybe I needed to do more research and learn how to use those previous cameras more BUT we have to keep in mind that I was able to get this photo effect straight out the box!  If you're unsure what I'm talking about, see the picture below.

notice the out of focus background

Next let's talk about the quality of pictures and videos.  One word.  Phenomenal.  I use this camera mostly for filming YouTube videos so I will talk about that first.  The camera does a great job at focusing on the main subject... whether that's you or a product you're showing.  Click here to view a video that showcases this feature well!  Now I'm sure there are some technical terms people use for this but like I said, I am an amateur and this post is for amateurs like me.  So back to the picture quality.  I find that the camera is amazing at providing high quality video while at the same time subtly smoothing out imperfections.  I'm not saying to film with a bare face and expect to look like Beyonce in the video.  That's what you shouldn't do... unless you're Beyonce obviously.  Now when I use the camera for pictures, the pictures are definitely more revealing.  The photos are certainly high quality BUT you will need to photoshop them for imperfections... even the smallest ones.

Okay on to some techy features.  How would you like to always post high quality pictures to Instagram no matter where you're at?  Well that is possible with the Sony Alpha line.  The A5000 has it's own built in Wi-fi that allows you to connect your phone and transfer pictures immediately.  You can be out in the middle of nowhere with no public Wi-Fi and still be able to transfer pictures from the camera to the phone. I know... MIND. BLOWN.  In the same way that you can use the camera's Wi-Fi to transfer pictures, you can also you it's Wi-Fi to control the camera via your smartphone.  Other cameras that I've had required you to buy a separate remote for this feature but it's built right on in there!

This camera has come in handy at events that I've attended and also wanted to provide my Instagram Account with coverage of what's happening.  While other Bloggers were lugging around huge ass cameras and not able to upload pictures until later, I was able to carry my little Knight and upload high quality pictures at the drop of a dime.  I can't say I'm breaking my camera out for every selfie but I do find myself using my camera WAY more than I've used any other camera I've owned.  Now this baby comes with a fairly hefty price tag.  It's actually "cheap" in comparison to other popular cameras in the Canon or Nikon family.  For a cute $398+ you can have your very own Sony Alpha Camera!  I purchased mine from Amazon here and subsequently purchased about (4) memory cards since.  When you have such a handy camera, you will find yourself going through memory cards monthly almost.

As I said, this is just a preliminary introduction to my Sony A5000, Knight.  In no way is this absolutely everything the camera does or a full explanation of all it's features.  I just wanted to share the features that wow me the most as a Blogger.  If you're interested in learning more detailed information about this camera just let me know and I will do my best!  Until next time.  XOXOMCS


  1. LOl i am so mad you named your camera!! But low key i might do the same for my new Nikon baby!!!!! #selfiesonfleek


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