Pixi Glow || Friday Favorites

About a month ago, I fell victim to Instagram and YouTube pressuring me to buy a few Pixi Beauty products.  Left and right, Bloggers were raving about the Pixi Glow Tonic and I figured for so many people to be raving about it, it MUST be good!  Lord knows I've learned my lesson in the past from thinking this yet I continue to fall into the trap.  Fortunately, this time all the gossip and talk was actually TRUE.  Of course, once I found the Tonic at my local Target store I couldn't JUST pick that one product up.  They had one tube of the Mud Cleanser left which I concluded meant that it was so good, there was only one left.  Logical reasoning.  Then I figured I might as well complete the skin routine with some sort of serum so I grabbed the Overnight Glow Serum.

At first, the Overnight Glow Serum was packed up to go back to Target 2 days after I purchased it.  The first couple of tries, I didn't like how it left a sticky film on my face.  This is the same sticky film I had previously experienced with other "overnight" products.  Since, I like to sleep on my stomach I found this to be uncomfortable.  After forgetting to return it to Target everyday for a week, I decided to give it another go.  When I used it before, I didn't use it in conjunction with the other products.  I felt like it might be TOO much Glycolic Acid for my face.  So this time I chose to use it with the Cleanser and Toner.  OMG, the results were worth the sticky face!  My face was so bright in the morning and I could swear that spots on my face had faded "overnight".  LEGIT!

Silly Picture BUT look at that SKIN!!
How are the Cleanser and Toner?  Magical.  I like to leave the Mud Cleanser on my face for a couple of minutes after massaging it in for 30 seconds... almost like a mask.  The Toner is a great follow up to the Cleanser... doesn't burn and is quite soothing.  The texture of my face hasn't been this smooth in a very long time.  I find myself literally in awe at how even my skin is lately.  When I use the products regularly, I am finding that it keeps any breakouts at bay which is a plus if I'm not lazy and actually remember to use them regularly.  So yeah, these products are definitely MUST HAVES.  They are a little pricey but compared to skincare found at Sephora, they're actually affordable.  Again, logical reasoning.  So if you see them, GRAB THEM.