CURLFest 2016 Recap

Well, CURLFest 2016 is a wrap and I cannot tell a lie... it was LIT!  Sometimes I try to downplay things to save the feelings of others but I just can't do that this time.  If you weren't in attendance this year then you totally missed out on THE best event of the year.  Now, I know what you're saying... "Candice, this is your first year going... how do you even know it wasn't better previous years?!".  I wasn't there in previous years but those who were there had the same shocked smiley emoji expression on their faces as I did.  Mid way through the event, I remember turning around amidst all the curls thinking to myself that this must be what Coachella is like.  LEGIT.


The ladies of the Curly Girl Collective

 The day started out hotter than I thought it would be and I mean temperature HOT.  LOL.  Even though I baked thy face and put on my longest wearing makeup, I thought for sure that my makeup would eventually melt off.  Such didn't happen.  I began sweating along my hairline and lost all hope for my crown braid because I was sure my hair would start reverting but again, such didn't happen... THANKFULLY!  But seriously, once the day got underway I stopped caring about all of that.  I made my rounds to view the booths set up by all the brands and let me tell you, they went OUT.  Most of these booths were set up better than what I see at Trade Shows/Expos AND they all had something to accommodate the heat whether it was fans, juice, snow cones or just plain ole' shade to cool down under.  After I stopped by the booths, the mixing and mingling began and really never ended.  Everyone was in such great spirits and seeing online friends in real life is always such a high!  The cameras were clicking and the selfies were popping.  You couldn't make a move without stepping into someone's picture by accident!

L-R: @thenotoriouskia, @curlsandcouture, @itsdaynadane, @mycandishoppe

Made Beautiful Booth L-R: @itsdaynadane, @curlsfothegirls, @heycurlie, @modelesquenic

I've been to events where I will literally make the decision while I'm still at the event that I will not be back again. CURLFest is not one of those events and it not only met but it exceeded my expectations!  We have what are considered "Feel Good Songs" and I would consider this to be a "Feel Good Event".  Where else can you gather beauty conscious girls in 90 degree heat and everyone is just smiling and happy?!  Nowhere but CURLFest.  The ladies of the Curly Girl Collective deserve a huge round of applause for that event.  I've heard about CURLFest in previous years but nothing could have prepared me for the amazingness of what I actually experienced.  This is definitely one for the books.  XOXOMCS.


  1. Recaps like THIS (!!!!) make it all worth it for us. Reading this made me feel so happy! Thank you so much for joining us at CURLFEST! We really appreciate the support!


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