Laid Edges ALL DAY

Let's be honest, there really isn't an issue with taming our edges.  The issue really lies in keeping those edges laid all damn day!  We tend to apply half the jar of edge control to our edges only to end up with wavy, curly, disrespectful looking edges two hours later.  Enough is enough.  It's even worse when we take the time to do our daughter's hair before school, you know make sure they look like they come from a home and not an alley.  We slick their hair into cute little ponytails only to have them come home from school looking like they've been working in the fields.  While I appreciate the teachers that take the time to fix their student's hair in school... That's not what school is for and I am not that Mom.  So here are a few tips to keep those Edges laid all day...

1.  Use a water based product BEFORE the Edge Control.

More often that not, I even spray the edges with a little water before using any products.  For some reason, the hair tends to behave better if it's been dampened some prior to being slicked.  When I style the girls hair before school, I tend to use a gel before the edge control.  Kids go to school, run amuck and usually don't give two thoughts about their hair all day.  In turn, we as Mothers must counteract all this activity with extra hold in the form of multiple products.

2.  Warm + Smooth the Edge Control BEFORE applying.

Taking a few seconds to rub the Edge Control Paste between your fingers goes a long way.  It takes the product from being super thick to a nice thin consistency that doesn't look weird when applied to the edges.  If you're seeing build up after applying your edge control, then you've likely applied too much product.  To avoid this, smooth out that product FIRST then lay those edges.

The rest is up to you!  You can put a head wrap or head scarf on to help in keeping your hairline smooth and neat if it helps.  If you are going do this, leave the scarf on until the hair is completely dry as this is going to yield the best results.  This is a step that not necessary, especially when using multiple products but it does help if you're in a rush.

Do you have any tips to share on getting those edges to STAY LAID?  Share them below.