DIY #athome Hair Dying Tutorial || Creme of Nature

Hey girl hey!!  It's the new year and you know how it goes... Let's try to get our lives together once again.  LOL.  A few times a year I dye my hair black but usually I use a temporary dye.  Don't ask me why because there's no rhyme or reason.  I've only ever used one Permanent Hair Dye that made my hair feel horrible and it was some brand that was on sale.  I can't even remember the name but moral of the story is 'not all sales are good sales'.  Anyways, it dawned on me late last year that I should just go back to permanent hair dye because I was dying my hair like 3-4 times a year (mainly due to Wash + Go season).  So I hit Creme of Nature up to see if we could collaborate and share my at home hair dying process with my online community.  They immediately jumped on board and here we are now.

Hopefully, you'll take something from the video but most of all I wanted to encourage those who are afraid of doing this themselves.  It really isn't as bad as you think!  Just be patient and TAKE YOUR TIME.  I will never pay someone $$$ to dye my hair black when companies like Creme of Nature allow you to do it yourself at home for a cute $10 and under.  Girl, you better get your life and save your coins!!