Covergirl Custom Blend Foundation

Yes, you read that title correct.  CoverGirl has released their own "custom blend" foundation that is available to EVERYONE!  I am still in shock about this because this type of service is usually reserved for higher end cosmetic brands.  Needless to say, I'm not complaining AT ALL.

Let's start from the beginning.  I found out about this new new through an ad I spotted on Facebook!  Not sure why it seemed to be so hush hush but as a Blogger that played right into my park.  The ad specified that you needed to download an app called "Covergirl Custom Blend".  I have an iPhone so I am not sure if it's for all phone models but I can't get caught up in that right now.  Moving on... Once you download the app, it takes you right through the process of selecting the right shade of foundation.  In fact, this is the only thing you can do when you click on the app.  There's literally no other options!  This alone had me about to delete the app altogether but I figured Covergirl isn't a rookie in this game so I pushed forward.  The process is similar to trying on glasses at home via your computer in that the software performs it's assessment using your front facing camera.  I did this over and over again but the lighting in my house seemed off but finally I just said, eff it!!

Finally, after accepting that my shade was high yellow (or so it seemed LOL), it took me another hour to decide on my bottle label.  You really don't have many options (I'm sure this might be expanded eventually) but I couldn't decide if I wanted all uppercase or lowercase.  Then I couldn't decide on which color label I wanted.  Once I was done with that, FINALLY the price was shown.  $25.  I went through so many different emotions about this because a bottle of regular Covergirl foundation is only $6-8.  First I compared it to the Custom Lancome Foundation which is $80.  Compared to that, this was appropriately priced!  Or was it?!  LOL.  Obviously, I bit the bullet eventually all in the name of Blogging and being able to provide details on this product to you.

So what are my thoughts?  Well, I literally just received the foundation as it took a good week to arrive.  Not too bad, I guess.  The ordering process leaves a lot to be tweaked because theres no way to track your order.  If you go back into the app, you're only able to start the process over from the beginning.  If you have questions regarding your order, there's a number you can call but you're only able to leave a voicemail.  There's an email you can use as well which is what I did and someone did follow up almost immediately.  This part of the ordering process left me a bit annoyed but clearly not annoyed enough to cancel.  LOL.  Moving on... Of course, I applied the foundation and it's an exact match!  Like I've never had a foundation match so well.  Honestly.  Truly.  It's about Medium coverage, has a Natural, almost Semi Matte finish and is the standard 1 fl. oz.  Bottom line, I wish I had ordered two bottles.  Once I've worn it longer, I will definitely update on my thoughts then.  This is just first impressions stuff!

Have questions?  Ask me below but in the meantime go ahead and grab your bottle girl.  You know we all love "custom" ish!



  1. I likes it and I wants it! Thanks for volunteering as tribute LOL


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