CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Vitamin

Hey girls!  I've been receiving countless emails and messages asking if I'm still taking the CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Vitamin and the answer is, OF COURSE.  Obviously when I first started taking the supplement and noticed the quick changes, I was fast to share.  That's how it is with anything really, isn't it?  There weren't many reviews out there and I knew people had questions so I jumped to providing some answers based on my experience.  Since my last video in December (check it out here), I've continued taking the vitamin and my opinion hasn't really changed at all!  I still love this product.

I've been having trouble consistently taking it daily because I forget.  Hi, my name is Candice and I have a chronic forgetful memory.  So FYI, if you ever have a secret or need to share something that you don't want anyone else to know, I'm the perfect person.  99.9% of the time I will totally forget what was I told!  Ask my friends, lmao.  After my excitement about the vitamin dropped over time, it become harder and harder for me to remember to take it daily.  Which led to skipped days and a decrease in energy... blah, blah, blah!  Hopefully, I'm back on track now since I've set a timer on my phone to take it every morning after breakfast.  The alert also pops up on my Apple Watch which is exactly what I need.  Thank you to everyone who recommended that tip when I asked on my Instagram Story.

Other than forgetting to take it daily, everything else has been cool beans.  I'm still flourishing over here!  LOL.  There's been speculation regarding the authenticity of my feedback on the vitamin because the brand sent me a few bottles.  I know, I know... someone always has something negative to say BUT, let's not forget all the bottles of this vitamin that I purchased with my own coin.  I don't know anyone who buys multiple bottles of something that doesn't work for them.  If you're not having the same experience as me, it's okay.  All of our bodies are different!  That doesn't mean my experience isn't authentic.  Instead of casting doubt, reach out and see if maybe myself or the CURLS team can provide some assistance.  That's what I'm here for...

Keep in mind, I didn't begin taking these vitamins to gain fast length because that's never been my goal.  I'm a scissor happy girl who loves a good cut!  Of course, I'll welcome additional length like any girl would and that's what I got.  Below is a 2-3 week comparison photo from back in November, soon after I started taking the supplement.  It's nothing drastic but the growth is obvious!  This isn't a miracle worker but it does work faster than other supplements of it's kind and in large part because the amazing ingredients are in liquid form.

CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin

When I purchased the additional bottles of this vitamin, it wasn't so I could hit a length goal... it was more to gain thicker edges +  hair but I realized very quickly how well it helped my energy as well.  I'm always freaking tired and feeling drained of energy.  Taking this product helped me SO much with that!  Besides energy, it has been keeping my skin in the clear of break outs.  Honestly, I have seen a pimple or two pop up since I started taking it but 1. I'm acne-prone naturally and like I said, this isn't a miracle worker and 2. My consistency in taking it has been sub-par so sub-par results are to be expected.

I hate being uber repetitive but wanted to give you all an update!  A lot of you have tried the vitamin yourself now that it's in stores, so please share in the comments what your experience has been so far.    If you've been under a rock, the CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin is now sold in Target, both online and in stores.  If you follow me on Instagram Stories, I do share when Target or the CURLS website ( is having a sale because I know most of us are here for a good deal!  Until next time...