My Sephora VIB Sale Picks:
spring 2017

I can't lie, I've been waiting for this sale to roll around for a while.  "When the heck is Sephora having their next VIB Sale already", is what I start asking myself months before information for the Sale is even available.  Needless to say, by the time I do start finding information (because I go on a hunt for deets like a woman trying to find out if her man is cheating), my cart is already full of products I really want but can't pull myself to pay that $5-10 more without the coupon.  Here is what I already have in my cart to purchase BUT please let me know if I'm leaving anything major out...

The Urban Decay products were influenced by ThisThatBeauty Queen herself, Felicia.  She did a whole Instagram Story/Snapchat situation about these items that had me waiting for their release.  Urban Decay is a makeup brand so I'm interested to see how this "Makeup Prep" skincare line does.  Dr. Jart and my skin have been friends long time.  I've tried out so many things from this brand over the years and they all have been nothing but kind.  I don't even need any Makeup Remover Pads but the beauty junkie in me is chanting, WE MUST TRY. WE MUST TRY.  Then the Givenchy Beautifying Lip Balm just looks the chicest thing to keep in my purse.  Why pull out a $3 EOS lip balm when you can pull out this super fab $36 Givenchy Balm?  In all honesty, I should be ashamed of myself.  I can hear my grandmother's voice in the back of my head telling me that people in Africa don't have food.  Sigh.  I'll do better... soon!  This really isn't that much stuff compared to damage I've done during other sales.

Anyways, what's in your cart or what did you end up purchasing?!  Below are some products I would recommend grabbing and would personally vouch for...

Only try this product if you want immediate results of brighter skin, even tone skin within days combined with a delicious scent.  The cost of this product is up there so I would highly recommend grabbing while you can get you a cute 15% off.

I know I rave about how much my Clarisonic has changed my life... A LOT!  And, I understand that it's an investment piece that can't just be purchased on a whim for some.  But here the Lord has given us 15% off the device!!  INVEST already and stop making excuses.

Yet another product that I have sung praises on for some time now.  I've even seen a woman holding it at Sephora, trying to decide if she wanted to buy it or not and talked her into taking the plunge.  Who is this for?  The girl who wants to Clarify (or knows she should) but hates the way Clarifying Products strip her hair and make it feel.  This is also for the girl who has limp curls here and there that need to be resuscitated.  I've been using this product once a week for my heat stressed curls (too much blow drying) and have seen FAST results.  The slip is similar to a conditioner or a co-wash but it cleanses like a heavy duty clarifying.  Freaking MAGICAL I tell you!

This Bumble and bumble. Pre-poo is definitely a luxury item that I'm sure many of you would roll your eyes at because it could be replicated at home easily.  I'm not a DIY girl, in case you didn't know already and I know there's a lot of us out there.  I want to just buy what I need and get on with life.  Now if this product was $200/jar, I might be singing a different tune but it's not.  Whether my hair was previously in a Rod Set or a Wash + Go, this product gets the job done removing all the kinks and dead hair while also replenishing my strands with some extra moisture + oil it might need during the Wash process.

For now, these are my most highly recommended products to grab during the sale.  Should I remember others, I will definitely update here.