DAY 7 (last day):
Mother's Day Gift Guide
Suja Juice Cleanse

Wow.  Am I the only one who feels like this week of giveaways lasted FOREVER?!  It was fun but also gave me a peek into the day + life of a blogger who actually posts daily.  I wouldn't say it's hard, it just requires LOTS of planning and pushing yourself even when you don't want to.  But, what better way to end the week of giveaways than with a nice cleanse from Suja.  I don't think it's any secret that I love my Suja drinks!  I'm constantly sharing deals on where to buy them for the low low on Instagram Stories, so if you're not watching those then you're missing out. (but shhhh... Target constantly has them on sale)

Anyways, Suja gladly partnered with me to give one deserving Mom a 1-Day Cleanse.  Read more about which juices are included, how many + so forth here.  In the mean time, you definitely want to enter this giveaway and give your body the jumpstart it needs (or could use).  We've been doing this for a week now so you already know how to enter but just in case, its below!

1. Subscribe to this Blog
2. Follow @lovesuja + (myself) @MyCandiShoppe on Instagram
3. Tag a Mom on the Instagram Image for today's giveaway who would love to win this.

Giveaway ends tomorrow at 12 PM.  US Entries Only.  You can enter each giveaway but may only win once.  Winners will be chosen by May 21, 2017 and announced here in the comments section.

Huge thanks to Suja for participating in this week's giveaway!  Good luck ladies.  Until next time...


  1. I have been noticing these at Target and maybe my grocery store. They look like they taste really good. Yes you have kept us current on you use of these products. This is a great gift!

    April Edwards-McGaskey


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