The Ultimate Mother's Day
Gift Guide + Giveaway

With the amount of support I receive from you ladies day in and day out, I knew that this Mother's Day write up needed to be a little different than what I've done in previous years.  Most of you that have followed me for some time now are Mothers or have become Mothers in that timeframe.  We connect on that level with so many different topics and I appreciate having you in my online community.  So I've carefully curated a list of items that we all deserve to have and yes, many are my favorites for sure!  Whether you buy your own Mother's Day gifts (like I've done many times) or you leave it to the family, get your pen + paper out to jot down your own must-haves.

As I said before, I wanted this year to be a little different so I've partnered with a few of my favorite brands to do giveaways!  There will be a new giveaway from the Gift Guide posted here each day from May 8-12 with very minimal rules.  But make no mistakes, FOLLOW THE RULES.  LOL.  You can enter as many of the Giveaways as you want but you are only allowed to win one (if you're a winner).  Fun, right?!  Okay, so take a look at what I consider to be the Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide and tell me what's on your list in the comments...
Until Next time... XOXOMCS

1. The Magic is Real Mug:
2. Personalized Care of Vitamins Pack:
3. Pink Hurom Juicer:
4. Coach Apple Watch Strap:
5. Bliss Favorite Skincare Set:
6. Daily Harvest Smoothie 6 Pack:
7. Function of Beauty Personalized Shampoo + Conditioner:
8. Bauble Bar Acryclic State Pendant Necklace:
9. Clarisonic Fit:
10. Amazon Echo:
11. SUJA 1 Day Cleanse: 
12. Personalized Yankee Candle:
13. EDEN Bodyworks Citrus Fusion Line:


  1. Daily harvest sub for soups and smoothies is most definitely on my list!!!! Bliss skincare is an all around fave as well!! Great picks!!!


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