Essence My City 4 Ways
presented by Ford
Ginuwine Interview

This past weekend Essence + Ford hosted the My City 4 Ways event in D.C. and it was freaking AMAZING.  Let me just say that I was totally taken back by how fab this event actually was.  I don't know what I was expecting... probably something low-key and slightly janky.  But, I should've known better with Essence and Ford being involved.
Eloquii Dress
Loni Love
McBride Sisters 

The event space was doper than dope.  Longview Gallery in D.C was the perfect backdrop and gave off chic/urban vibes.  Upon arrival, I was greeted with FREE valet parking courtesy of Ford.  This in and of itself blew me away because if you've ever been to D.C. then you know the premium on parking.  Once I gathered my edges from the free parking situation, I was welcomed with complimentary drinks + smiles from the staff.  I made my way to the photo station (of course) where you could print out your photos if you used the hashtag: MYFORDCITY.  All of this had me oohing and aahing!!  The next thing I thought was I needed to share this amazingness with somebody and since I was by myself, all I could is pull out my phone and share with my Instagram Stories Fam.  I made my way through the space, gathered my free t-shirt, took a complimentary test drive in the Ford F-150 (which by the way, FREAKING AWESOME) and waited around for the man of the hour... Ginuwine!!

Wait, let's rewind!  Did I forget to share that I actually interviewed Ginuwine??  Umm, yes so let's take a peek at what tips he had to share for busy parents on the go...

Then of course, Ginuwine took the stage and took us down memory lane with songs like "Pony" + "In Those Jeans".  Girl, he had me screaming the words like I was back in middle school.  By the way, WHY were we singing these songs in middle school?!  Oh well, that's my mother's issue not mine! LMAO.  Once the concert ended, everyone pretty much began networking + saying their goodbyes.  Hence, my cue to chuck the deuces + head back home to my family.

Thank you Essence + Ford for having me at this super cool event.  Can't wait to do it again... Until next time XOXOMCS


  1. Thanks for sharing! It looked like a great event. I had previous plans with family and couldn't make it. Love the whole concept they had and it seems attendees were probably pleasantly surprised!

    April Edwards-McGaskey

    1. Girl, I totally wasn't expecting an event on this level to be happening midday on a Sunday! I had such a great time XOXO


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