Are You Ready For This Jelly?!

There's a #JellyCurls campaign happening and I've been tagged!  The other day I was minding my own business, per the usual, and I get a notification from Instagram. My girl, Amber, tagged me in her video to participate in a campaign with CURLS.  Here I was sitting in workout attire (just in case one day I decide to go to the gym) and a bonnet... so I grabbed my favorite CURLS duo + proceeded to make myself presentable with a Perm Rod Set.  I've actually used these two together before in a YouTube video before (click here to view) because it's one of my staple combos when it comes to Rod Sets.  You get amazing moisture, slip + hold from both products.  You don't "need" a Foaming Mousse to achieve a popping Rod Set.  Plus foaming mousses can sometimes leave your hair feeling dry after day 1.  These two products will never forsake you in that manner.  NEVER.

Catch my response video to Amber's challenge below.  And don't forget, you can find the CURLS Blueberry Bliss line at, Target + CVS Stores nationwide!

Until next time XOXOMCS.