Taylor's Hair Care Regimen Post Big Chop

The other week, Taylor had the opportunity to do her very first Instagram Takeover on the Natural Hair Does Care account.  It was lots of fun but I thought I would share her routine here on the Blog for those who may have missed all the fun.  Taylor cutting her hair was all about making things easier for her + change.  There was no damage or relaxer to cut as she has been natural all of her life.  When she decided to chop it all off, we didn't realize how big of a deal it would be!  We received messages from all over and I literally couldn't keep up with them.  Turns out, when your 13 year old daughter decides to chop off bundles of hair for no reason it's kind of a big deal.  LOL.

Naturally, my first thought was to think of ways this could help other girls her age + possibly inspire them.  So, when Natural Hair Does Care reached out it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Gratefully, Hot Heads (@thermalhaircare) + Camille Rose Naturals (@camillerosenaturals) agreed to hop on board and sponsor the project.  With Taylor wanting to take most of the work out of doing her hair, I've been helping by suggesting entire product lines that I know work hand in hand together. Yes, we all cocktail things from this brand and that brand but when you want to make things super basic, just grab all the products you need from the same brand.  So, she's been using Camille Rose Naturals for EVERYTHING... from Wash to Condition, from Leave-In to Styler.  Her life couldn't be simpler.  Well, it could but you know what I mean... Next, her hair has been super dry since it was cut.  I don't know what this is about at all but one thing that has been helping A LOT is Deep Conditioning.  As you can imagine, a girl who is trying to simplify Wash Day isn't trying to pull out a huge bonnet dryer to condition.  Insert Hot Head here.  When I tell you this is singlehandedly the simplest way to Deep Condition, believe me!  Taylor is lazy, LAZY and she doesn't mind heating this up in the microwave + wearing it for 30 minutes.  Which is a win for me because I can't have my baby walking around looking like a dry brillo pad.

Now on to her routine.

Cleanse: Sweet Ginger Rinse or CoWash with the Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard
Condition: Algae Renew Deep Conditioner (this is her BAE)
Deep Condition: Hot Head (easy peasy for young naturals)
Leave-In: Curl Love Moisture Milk
Stylers: Curlaide Moisture Butter, Almond Jai Twisting Butter or Curl Maker
Oil: Regular Coconut Oil

All of the products she's been using are from Camille Rose Naturals + have been helping to combat her dry hair so much.  I love that the products are thick and effective so a little goes a long way.  I actually started using some of the products that were sent to her because I had never tried a few myself.  And, OMG, that Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard is heaven sent.  Not only does it smell like bottled up Fruity Pebbles but the SLIP is on 100!  Top that with a Hot Head + my strands felt like butter after my conditioning session.  When Taylor styles her hair for the week she wants it to last ALL week and these products are perfect for that.  She may spritz a little water here + there but if she wears a bonnet every night (read: she's a teenager + forgets things all the time), she's good to go until the next Wash Day.

That's the thing about everyone's texture, we're all different.  Some of us can tolerate lots of heavy products + minimal manipulation while others would have weighed down frizzy hair if they did the same.  You have to do what works for you.  One thing that is constant in the Natural Hair Community is the need for moisture retention which both of these brands help with.  The rest is up to you... or like I say to Taylor ALL the time, "have you drank any water today?"  DRINK YOUR WATER.

If you did happen to tune into her Takeover, thank you for the support.  It truly made her day + meant the world to see such a positive response!