5 Ways I Use My Clarisonic

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I've been raving about my Clarisonic for a while now.  Since, 2011 to be exact.  (check the receipts here)  It without doubt is one of the key components that helped clear my acne back then.  I still use it now in my skincare routine for many different reasons: Cleansing, Makeup, Body Exfoliation, Mask Removal + Skincare Absorption.  The one thing that I've loved about my device, is that over the years I've been able to buy new brush heads but haven't needed to buy a new device.  Recently, Clarisonic gifted me the Smart Profile device but my Clarisonic Pro had lasted me 5 years and was still working!  Initially I paid $250 for my Clarisonic Pro in 2011 and I gave it to my sister in 2016... now, that's what I call an investment.

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Moving along...

1.  I use my device daily for cleansing, duh!  This is probably the most common use for it and for me daily use is necessary with my super oily + acne prone skin.  I know a lot of people can only use it every other day or every few days.  I recommend doing what's best for you or switching brush heads if you want to use it more.  Currently, I'm using the Sensitive Skin brush head for cleansing.  I use an Urban Skin RX Cleansing Bar with my Clarisonic device at least once a day + they've work great together at keeping my acne at bay.

2.  Unless you've been under a rock then you probably heard about the Foundation Brush that Clarisonic released this year.  It's a game changer.  Before this release, I had been eyeing other devices that worked similarly but never pulled the trigger because it just sucked having to buy yet another device.  In steps Clarisonic like... nah girl, we got you!  Changing the brush head is super duper easy.  Same goes for cleaning the brush head.  And as far as performance, you have never seen flawless application of foundation until you've used this.  It takes my face from a 7 to a 10 every single time.  Do I use it daily?  No (just being honest) because I'm not going for a flawless look daily but I definitely notice the difference (just being honest again).  For a cute $35, you might as well see what all the hype is about.

3.  It's summer time and we're all out here trying to get as Golden as possible in this here sun.  Don't get caught looking all patchy though... Body Exfoliation is necessary.  Most of us use a scrub to do the job which is nice and all but wouldn't you like to experience the finer things in life?!  *totally sarcastic* LMAO.  But seriously, its just so easy to switch out the brush heads and just use my Clarisonic to exfoliate versus adding yet another product to my shower routine.  Sometimes it seems like there's so much to do in the shower that it's time for me to take another shower by the time I finish showering.  I'm all about minimizing (IF I CAN) and my Clarisonic + brush heads let me do just that.  I like to use this with the TGIN soap bars since they're loaded with oils + I love the bar form!

4.  Now this latest technique was taught to me by Clarisonic recently and that's using the device to REMOVE my masks.  Yes, you heard me right.  I never thought to try this before and it made me wonder what I had been doing with my life all this time.  Let (claps) me (claps) tell (claps) you (claps)... this technique will have your skin feeling and looking all types of amazing.  It takes any mask you're using up a good 5 notches.  Currently love taking off my Algenist Clarifying Pore Correcting Mask (in the shower because it gets messy) using this method.

5.  The last use for my Clarisonic is skincare absorption and unfortunately it's only possible with the Smart Profile Clarisonic.  This is the one feature that is only available with this specific Clarisonic.  At first I didn't think it would really make a huge difference.  My fingers were doing a great job smearing my serums and creams onto my face.  Or so I thought...  This device works so good that it had my skin tingling using products that I've been using for years + it never tingled before!  The way your skin absorbs the skincare products you use is on another level.  In a way it becomes addictive!  LOL.  I want to feel that tingle, I want to see that glow in the morning, I want fast results.  I've been using this Urban Skin RX Vitamin C Serum with the Clarisonic Firming Massage Head and I swear this little tool speeds up my results when I use it versus when I don't use it.  I would say this tool is for those of us who are serious about skincare and don't mind making the investment.  If your skin is bomb even if you don't wash it daily + you use the same cleanser for your body as you do your face, then you can probably pass on spending the coins.  Although we need to talk about your priorities ASAP.

So that's it.  I just wanted to share all the ways I use this device so you guys don't think I'm just cleansing my face 5 times a day when I talk about it.  There are different devices out there on the market that can accomplish these tasks but I love that with my Clarisonic all I need to do is change the brush head, not buy a whole new device.  If you have any questions about which device might be best for you or which brush heads you should have in your arsenal, let me know... ask below!

Until next time... XOXOMCS


  1. You are pushing me closer and closer to purchase! Thanks for sharing this post. I'm
    always down for a new skin care alert/you need this in your life ��


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