Get Your Wallets Out
The Sephora Sale is BACK

As I fumbled to share my favorite products on Instagram Stories the other night, I realized that sharing here on my Blog might be a better platform.  It would have taken a cute 50 Instagram Story frames (or more) to really share everything.  15 seconds is just not enough, can we get 30 already Instagram?!  Or would that be too long??  Nevermind.  Anyways, the Sephora Sale is BACK and they're not being stingy with the discount like they have been in previous years (major shade).  20% off is a decent discount, especially when there are no limitations like there are at Ulta (shade again).

Let's get into this list.  Now I really only included my favorite products that it would be nice to get 20% off of.  No I didn't include anything on the lower end of the price spectrum because if you've been waiting all year to save $2 then your ass doesn't need to be at this sale.  That's real talk (no shade at all).

CLARISONIC MIA FIT:  I've tried all different types of face cleansing devices and the Clarisonic is by far my favorite for exfoliation.  As an oily/acne prone skin girl, exfoliation is definitely something I need on a regular basis so I  live by my Clarisonic.  I bought my first Clarisonic over 7 years ago (read my initial Blog post here) and I    still love + have one now!!  If that doesn't tell you it's a must buy product, I don't know what does.

ALGENIST COMPLETE EYE RENEWAL BALM:   If you're reading this then you need to be using eye cream!  LOL.  I've gone through quite a few different eye creams + I've only stuck with this one because I notice a difference.  It does a great job at smoothing those under eye lines and while it does help with darkness, this part takes time.  Just being honest.  For me, applying this daily is like applying moisturizer to my under eye area... it can't be skipped!

GLAMGLOW SUPERCLEANSE: This is a new produced I recently added to my stash but I'm obsessed with it.  If you've ever tried the SuperMud Clearing Treatment mask in the white jar (kind of a cult fave), then this cleanser is pretty similar.  Think, a SuperMud cleanser... a little messy but 100% worth it!

ORIGINS PLANTSCRIPTION ANTI-AGING POWER SERUM: Another new one to the arsenal but definitely a heavy hitter.  I love that I can use this night or day.  It's absorbs really well into my skin and plumps it right up.  Within days I saw an improvement in my skin's texture and it seems to be helping in balancing my oily t-zone and dry patches.

SUNDAY RILEY U.F.O. ULTRA CLARIFYING FACE OIL:  GIRL.  If you are acne-prone then this oil needed to be in your arsenal like yesterday!  It's amazing and works FAST.  I tend to only use at night or on days where I'm wearing no makeup because oil under makeup doesn't work for me.  Hi, oily skin girl here FYI.  But I do get the occasional bump on my face so when I feel it forming under the skin, I break this bad boy out + slather my face.  WORKS EVERY SINGLE TIME.

ALGENIST POWER RECHARGING NIGHT PRESSED SERUM:  First of all, this smells like unicorns + angels.  Now that I've gotten that out the way, it's one of my favorite "final" products to use in my nighttime skincare routine.  It legit feels like my skin is drinking this stuff up every time I    apply it.  Immediately your skin looks better after applying and when you wake up in the morning, it makes you do that double take in the mirror because you can't believe how great your skin looks just overnight.  It's pricey but one of those items that's worth every penny.

ORIGINS ORIGINAL SKIN MATTE MOISTURIZER:  Origins sent me this product towards the end of the Summer and I totally wish I had when Summer started.  It has this cooling gel texture when applied that immediately sinks into your skin leaving it so smooth and matte.  But, not overly matte to where your skin becomes irritated because I hate those mattifying products.  If you have oily skin, it's hard finding the right moisturizer that doesn't feel too heavy but also does it's job at moisturizing.  Try this one, I bet it will be Holy Grail.  Thank me later.
GLAM GLOW VOLCASMIC MATTE GLOW MOISTURIZER:  You ever buy a product, love it but then forget all about it because you keep buying more products?  That was this product for me, LOL. Not sure how I kept forgetting about it because it smells like Fruity Pebbles and for a straight week I was obsessed with it!  The product in the container is a tad solid but it then melts into your skin and makes it feel INCREDIBLE.  I love wearing this under makeup because while it helps to mattify, it also gives your super matte makeup this soft glow.

NARS VELVET MATTE FOUNDATION STICK:  I will start off by saying YOU NEED THIS.  It's not the best foundation for super oily skin like mine but it's sooooo good that I don't care.  Coverage is medium but buildable to full coverage.  The formula is silky and just goes on so well... similar to how the Velvet Matte Liquid Foundation feels if you've ever tried that.  If you need to touch up makeup while you're out then this is the perfect product to bring along since it has it's own sponge on the other end of the stick.  I throw it in my bag for every event I attend because it's an easy touch up... go ahead and throw it in your bag too.

MAKE UP FOREVER ULTRA HD FOUNDATION:  I'm not sure I've ever used a more lightweight, full coverage foundation EVER.  Using this with a Beauty Blender isn't even possible because the sponge almost soaks up all the foundation since it's so thin in consistency.  You're probably starting to notice that every product I'm recommending is for women with my skin type... OILY/ACNE PRONE!  #facts  The line has a crazy number of foundation shades so finding yours may take a little time but you WILL find it.

NARS SUNWASHED DIFFUSING BRONZER:  Have you tried to contour and messed shit all the way up?  I'm talking about you just look like a dirty + muddy mess.  I'll be the first to admit this was one of the reasons I stopped contouring!  This bronzer is such a sheer and buildable glory.  It makes it nearly impossible to mess up the process of warming the perimeters of your face.  We'll just call this the "Impossible to Mess up Bronzer".  If you're a pro then you might be not be interested in this but for us natural makeup girls who don't really "beat our face", this product is perfect!

MARC JACOBS ANGLED BLUSH BRUSH:  I understand that it states "Blush Brush" in its name but thats not what I use it for!  For me, this is the perfect contour brush because of the angle and density of it.  It's funny because I've never even used it as a blush brush.  LOL.  Call me a rebel I     guess but it's the best damn contouring brush I've used... also the most expensive but definitely THE BEST.

Now go on, shop and be merry!  If you have any questions, ask me below but whatever you do, don't let these items sell out.  I'll share with you all what I actually purchased next week!  Happy Sephora Sale Shopping.

Let's chat soon.  XOXOMCS.