Last Minute Holiday Party Style
with Mielle Organics

Whether we want to accept it or not, we are at that time of the year again... the Holidays!  Every week there seems to be some sort of Holiday Shindig that we don't have time for but we attend out of courtesy.  And the nerve, some happen to be on the weekdays!  Who has time for that?  I know I don't and I work from home chile.  Luckily there are a few go to styles I keep in my back pocket for these occasions and they only take about 30 minutes or less.

The Half Up-Half Down style is so classic and is perfect for everyone but little girls especially.  If your daughter's hair isn't bone straight, no worries, that's not necessary.  You will need the Sacha Inchi Curl Enhancing Cream from Mielle Organics just to add some moisture back into the hair prior to heat styling.  Next, grab the Mongongo Oil Style Setting Spray and the Honey & Ginger Styling Gel + Edge Gel.  Use the Style Setting Spray to do a rough blowout of the hair prior to styling.  Don't worry if the hair isn't super straight because that's not the look we're going for!  Next take the Styling and Gel + Edge Gel and apply it to the edges to do the ponytail.  I like to use just a little gel prior to the edge gel because they work great together in giving a super neat look.  Last, we're going to take large chunks of hair and Wand Curl them.  Again, don't worry about being super precise... we're going for effortless waves, not perfection.

It's just that easy.  If you want to be a little extra (and who doesn't?), grab a cute headband and throw it on!  Baby girl is ready to go and no one knows that this took you less than 30 minutes to achieve.  Of course, if you have a little more time you can skip the heat and use flexirods instead.  For this, I would recommend the Babassu Oil Curl Mousse to set overnight!  One thing I'm not going to do is let these Holiday Events stress me the hell out.  That's what I have three kids and a husband for.  Am I right?!  Hope this quick style comes in handy + if you do happen to use it, don't forget to tag us!

Let's chat soon.  XOXOMCS