#SallyBeautyDC Influencer Pop-Up

First off, if you ever get an invitation to attend an event hosted by Sally Beauty, GO!  You will NEVER be disappointed because they always go above + beyond.  This is my second Sally Beauty event that I attended, the first being in New Orleans.  Both times I received invitations and had no idea what to expect.  I'm dead serious.  It seems like they want you to be pleasantly surprised when you arrive so they give out very little details prior to.  This event did NOT disappoint at all.  From the swanky venue at The Fathom Gallery in DC, to the gorgeous outdoor deck, to the open bar, to the amazing flower wall + photo station.  When was the last time you were at a photo booth with 5-6 umbrella lights PLUS a ring light.  You might think that's extra but for Sally Beauty, it's standard.

Once I arrived at the space,  I was given a run down of what to expect throughout the evening.  In addition to the food, drinks and dope stations... there would also be a few demos and a panel.  Not going to lie, whenever I hear panel I roll my eyes because the information tends to be redundant when it comes to hair (for me at least).  Boy was I WRONG!  During the demo, Monica Stevens (@moknowshair) shared the importance of choosing a Ceramic flat iron over a Titanium one.  Two words, HEAT DAMAGE.  I don't know about you, but I didn't know that before she told me.  Then on the panel, the stylists (Gregory Patterson, Maria Antoinette and Monica Stevens) explained the importance of washing your hair and not replacing shampoo with Cowashing.  Again, I was ready to roll my eyes until they began talking about how hormones can affect hair growth and hair loss.  The hormone DHT can build up on the scalp if not frequently cleansed and begin to cause hair loss.  This is one of the reasons why it's important to not only shampoo but shampoo frequently.  Lord, my mouth was wide open because this was all new to me.  Sometimes I go a good two weeks without washing my hair out of pure laziness.  Not anymore!

Maria (@themariaantoinette) + Yolanda (@etcblogmag)

LISTEN.  Thank you Sally Beauty for having me + sharing the knowledge!!  Oh and the Swag was ridiculous.  Check out that picture (below).  ALL full size products from brands like: Eden BodyWorks, Cantu, Silk Elements, Ion and Col.lab!  I said what I said... If Sally Beauty invites you somewhere, GO.

Let's chat later. XOXOMCS.