Kombucha Champagne Recipe
with SUJA

*I've partnered with Suja on this content but let's keep it real, we all know I'm obsessed with my Suja juices + kombucha LOL*

I'm not going to make this an elaborate Blog post because I'm sure you are here for only ONE reason... the Kombucha Champagne recipe.  It's ridiculously simple to create and taste AMAZING!  Head to your nearest Target and grab some Suja Kombucha in the refrigerated aisle.  They have sales on these all the time but even when they're not on sale, $3.99 a bottle is not much at all.  I've tried this cocktail with all three of the flavors: Peach, Ginger, Green and they all tastes great so choose whatever flavor you want really.  Next, you're going to grab a bottle of that bubbly (Prosecco) and make sure it's one you've tried and like.  You don't want tart/bad champagne to ruin the drink!

Now it's time to pour up!  This is the easy part... Pour 2 parts Kombucha + 1 part Prosecco for each glass.  I prefer to share this recipe in parts so you are able to alter the amount for any size glass you're pouring into.  You can garnish with some cranberries or sprigs of thyme/rosemary to make it all fancy looking.  Other than that, you're good to go!  Tell me that wasn't the easiest (and most delicious) cocktail you've ever made.  Thank me later.