January (2018) Faves

I've always wanted to start doing these monthly faves posts but have either been inconsistent or never followed through.  Either way, the start of a new year has me all excited to start another chapter with you!  January was a great month because I received quite a few PR packages in December and did a little Christmas shopping for myself as well.  I feel like I've shared most of the products below over on my Instagram Stories (if you don't follow me on Instagram, umm why?) but I've included links below if you want to grab any of them yourself.

Revlon Brush Dryer

I have no clue where the hell this dryer has been all my Momming life.  When I say that this thing makes Wash Day 10X easier, I'm not lying... I'm not playing... I know no one has time for any of that when it comes to Wash Day.  If you haven't grabbed one yet, DO IT NOW.  Why is it so good?  I would best describe it as an AMAZING detangling brush with a powerful blow dryer attached to it.  You can grab one here in my Amazon store and have it time for Wash Day.

NARS Natural Radiant Longer Foundation

When NARS said they were sending over this foundation for me to try, I can't lie, I was shook!  I've always wanted to love their All Day Luminous Foundation because of the coverage it offered but it honestly had me looking WAY too luminous at the end of day.  Think GloWorm.  So after reading the description of this foundation, I was all the way hype!  Now I will admit that it took some time for us to get to know one another.  When she says 'matte', she means 'matte'!  I had to change up what I normally put under foundations because usually I have an army of mattifying products but with this particular foundation, those products made my face too dry.  Can you believe I'm saying that?  TOO DRY!  But girl yes, with this foundation I had to step away from my usual army of products so that my face would be properly moisturized and wouldn't feel super dry + tight.  It doesn't help that I've also had a few breakouts on my chin here + there so I had to make sure those spots didn't look all crusty with this foundation.  Ya'll know what I'm talking about.  So yeah, the foundation is bomb... coverage on 100, super lightweight, silky finish and definitely lasts all day.  If you've been waiting for NARS to come out with a full coverage option for us oily girls, THIS IS IT.

Three words.  They.  Were.  Right.  Every single person who has ever raved about this product was right.  It took me a minute to grab this baby because of the price and I actually waited until Sephora had that $25 off coupon for VIB Rouge Members.  But, GIRL.  They weren't lying when they said you wake up looking like you have NEW skin the next morning.  I've been very careful with the directions and suggest you do the same.  This doesn't seem (or feel like after you applied it) like one of those products that say leave it on for 20 minutes but you can leave it on as long as you'd like.  No ma'am.  Follow the directions + use your sunscreen!

I mentioned earlier that I've had some breakouts on my chin, so cue the hyperpigmentation that follows.  This product has been working double time (along with another product, can't share yet) to get rid of these dark spots.  It's lightweight for my oily skin but super effective.  I began noticing changes after about a week, nothing crazy but visible FOR SURE.  Currently, I have the 1 fl oz jar which was the perfect size for me to try it out but I will be back for that larger size as soon as this one is done!

Yet another acne savior... I know, I know, I'm all about a good acne product!  LOL.  The Glycolic Acid in this baby does an amazing job at gently exfoliating over time.  It's not an overnight miracle worker but with continued + consistent use, this stuff WORKS!  For the price you really can't beat the results.

Creme of Nature Blow Out Creme

You know a product is good when you create a whole video for it!  And, that's exactly what I did for this here Blow Out Creme.  I could tell you but showing you would be better.  Click here to watch the video + see my review.  Bottomline, this was the best thing to happen to my Straight Natural life.

Algenist GENIUS Liquid Collagen

If you've been following me on Instagram (again, you should be!) then you know that I've been obsessed with Collagen.  20g of it goes into my coffee almost daily so I when I saw Algenist had formulated a way to apply it on my skin as well, I signed right up!  Once you get past the poor syringe (and you should, it gets better after here), you'll notice visible results immediately and over time.  How exactly does that work, you ask?  When you apply it, your skin instantly looks better, brighter, more even toned.  But also, as you use it consistently your skin will start to actually feel smoother!  I will admit the price point is up there BUT I've found that most (not all!) expensive beauty products don't take long to see results and that's certainly the case with this one.

Express Chunky Fringe Oblong Scarf

If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen this scarf often in my Instagram Stories + Images.  Since I purchased it, I haven't taken it off except to shower.  LOL, okay that's an exaggeration but the scarf just gives me life!!  It's probably more the color than the scarf itself but who cares?!  It just jazzes up any outerwear situation... Sweats?  Throw on the scarf!  Jeans + Tee?  Throw on the scarf!  Boring ass Business Casual?  Dress it up with the scarf.  Anyways, it's on sale NOW and still available in this hot pink shade over at Express.

That's my round up of January faves!  Does this seem like something you would check back for each month? I will try to keep the list well rounded... a little beauty, a little home, a little food, etc.  Anyways, hope you'll be back for next month's edition.



  1. Much like you, I had intentions to do a monthly haul. Much like you, time got away from me LOL
    Anywho, I'm an oily girl too so I'm gonna slide over to Sephora and find my match in this Nars foundation. I'm also gonna give the blow out cream a try. Thanks for sharing!


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