Sprouts is in Maryland


I wouldn't play with your emotions like this!  It's true, Sprouts has made it's way to Maryland, opens on March 14th and none of us know how to act.  Okay, it's probably just me but at least this is a good reason for me to act a fool.  I've heard so many good things about Sprouts but it always seemed like some far away fairytale place that I would never visit.  Well, as they say, dreams come true!  Sprouts has made it's way to Ellicott City, MD and this Momma couldn't be happier.  Wondering what's the big deal?  Currently googling what Sprouts is?  Keep on reading, I got you.

In the DMV area, Sprouts is not a common name at all.  Even though the store is in 15 other states, this will actually be the first Sprouts to open in Maryland.  It's a health conscious grocery store that offers fresh produce (obvi), bulk foods, vitamins + supplements, packaged groceries, baked goods, meat + seafood, natural body products and even household items all at BOMB prices.  And although, this grocery store will obviously sell produce (like almost any grocery store does), prices are said to be 20-25% below your average supermarket.  Besides the produce, the store offers about 90% natural + organic products.  If you are all about Health + Wellness then this will be your new playground for sure.  But don't shy away if this sounds TOO granola for you.  The other 10% does cater to mainstream shoppers and those of us who may have started this journey as a New Year's resolution.

Oh, before I forget, inside of Sprouts will be a Market Corner Deli that has prepared entrees, a salad bar, fresh sushi, fresh juice, made to order sandwiches + more!  I seriously think I will find myself here to grab lunch or quick dinners OFTEN.  Can't remember the last time I was excited about a grocery store opening like this but then again, this will be the FIRST Sprouts store I've ever visited.  If you've shopped at a Sprouts before, let me know what are some of your favorite things to grab there.  Sharing is caring.  I'll be visiting the store next week for a private event so I'll come back + let you know what I thought and if it lives up to the hype.

Until next time.  XOXOMCS.


  1. I've heard of this store and look forward to them opening one closer to me in Silver Spring Maryland. Looks like they have the type of selection I'm looking for comparable to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Will be on the look out!


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