A Wrinkle in Time

"Would the 11 or 12 year old you be proud of the person you are today"?!  This was the question Ava Duvernay asked the theatre on the screen before the movie began.  With a thought provoking question like that coming first, I knew the movie was about to get deep... and I was 100% right!  Although I'm rarely wrong... I just didn't want you think I was surprised, but I digress.  There are so many scenes in the movie that will have you remembering vividly those early teen years.  Back when all you wanted to do was fit in, make friends and be perfect!

This is the perfect movie for the entire family!  As much as I know Kennedy will enjoy it, I'm actually excited for Taylor to see it as I saw so many similarities between her and the main character, Meg Murray.  I wonder if she too will notice when she does see the movie. And it's not just for the girls either which made me happy, so I know Gregory will love it as well.  Mom + Dad will also enjoy and may pick up on some introspective lines + scenes that may go over the children's heads.  In fact, I almost highly recommend that you watch it with your children because I could see a child having quite a few questions throughout the movie.  Kids these days are smarter + this is a whimsical piece but there are moments that may need a bit of explanation from an adult.  And definitely be ready for a couple of lumps in the throat throughout the movie!

Seriously, it's a great story that will bring adults back to their childhoods and remind them that while being a kid was a fairly easy time in life (compared to adulting), it does come with it's own stresses.  I definitely left the theatre thinking about ways I can connect with my own children better so I can be a better resource to them when they need.  No need to address the acting because once again we were blessed with an A1 cast of stars, they were amazing!  Just go ahead and grab your tickets and make it a family night out!  Enjoy.


One night, Charles Wallace, Meg and a fellow classmate, Calvin, meet three otherworldly visitors who have traveled to Earth with an important message for Meg: Her father’s discovery is, in fact, an extraordinary accomplishment, but a darkness has infiltrated the universe and he is now in grave danger. Together they set off in search of Mr. Murry with Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Whatsit as their guides, tessering to worlds beyond their imagination and confronting the powerful, evil energy face-to-face. But in order to save her father, Meg must first overcome her own flaws and insecurities and harness the strength necessary to defeat the darkness...and it is a journey she must come to on her own. (credit: Walt Disney Media)