Countdown to Sprouts in Ellicott City
The Savings Plan

Here we are, nearly a week away from the Grand Opening of Sprouts in Ellicott City, MD on March 14th so let's prepare.  Yes, it's that serious!  I like to have a game plan in mind when I enter any store, let alone a NEW store I've never shopped at so yeah, let's get this together.  Sprouts was nice enough to send over some key points to keep me on track when I go next week.  They clearly know your girl is forgetful and can use a little list as a reminder.  Let's just hope I don't forget the list!  LOL.

Sprouts Ellicott City
First + foremost, you know I'm all about an app that can save us some coins.  Sprouts has an app that you can download here, and get access to exclusive mobile only coupons that you can clip (virtually) + save on your shopping trips.  Now I know Sprouts is suppose to already be a reasonably priced grocery store, but who doesn't want to save even more money?!  So don't be shy, go on ahead + download that app girl.  While we are in the spirit of saving a coin, there is also a weekly e-circular and Deals of the Month flyer where you can find tons more on sale.  Check those out as well before you take your trip.

Now aside from coupons, there are other things to keep an eye out for.  Sprouts actually has their own brand of products with over 2100 products to choose from.  They sent a box of products over for the family to try out and it was a huge hit!  Granted it was a box loaded with delicious treats + snacks, they were all Sprouts brand and everything was organic or gluten-free or dairy-free.  Basically, I felt like Mom of the Year letting the kids eat the food.  The favorite of the box had to be the Ghost Pepper Salsa which you wouldn't think the kids would love but it was SO flavorful, and yes spicy but in a good way.  A close second would definitely be the Organic Popcorn with Himalayan Pink Salt + Coconut Oil.  This stuff can definitely go toe to toe with your current favorite popcorn guaranteed.  And keep in mind that if you ever try something that you don't like, Sprouts will give you 100% money back guaranteed.  

I'm tired of the being blamed for all the spending because I'm sharing something + influencing you to buy.  So here are some ways you can actually save some coins and feel good about your spending this time.  I'll accept all Thank Yous in the form of more Ghost Pepper Salsa.  Now go + prepare for next week using the check list below + let me know if you have any questions!

Next week is the day!!  Hope you're ready.  XOXOMCS.