Getting Personal with
Kiehls (Georgetown)

Last week I was invited by the Kiehls Georgetown location to learn more about their Apothecary Preparations Service.  Picture no longer having to use a product that addresses 'most' of your skincare concerns but instead addresses your exact skincare concerns.  That's exactly what this service does!  In recent years, there have been many brands that have created custom foundation options which have definitely peeked my attention.  But what's better than personalized makeup?  PERSONALIZED SKINCARE, duh!
Photo Credit: Katherine Elizabeth Photography

The consultation at Kiehl's went much faster than I thought it would!  No thanks to DC traffic, I arrived nearly 25 minutes and I couldn't have been more frustrated.  Thankfully, the staff at Kiehl's was more than understanding and we immediately began my consultation.  During the appointment, a skin chart was provided so that I could point out my greatest skincare concerns.  Two targeted complexes are assigned to the personalized serum in order to address the top two concerns addressed.  There are 5 targeted complexes that can be added to the base which is a skin strengthening concentrate made of squalene and a skin lipid complex.  Options for the targeted complexes are: Wrinkle Reducing (Retinol Concentrate + Pro Retinol), Texture Refining (Vitamin F + LHA), Visible Redness Neutralizing (Sunflower Seed Extract + Vitamin E), Pore Minimizing (Samphira Extract + Salicylic Acid) and Brightening (Vitamin C + Scotch Pine Extract).
Kiehl's Apothecary Service
My top 2 concerns were Brightening + Texture Refining which addresses the aftermath of being acne prone.  The Kiehl's Targeted Complexes are super potent and are not meant to be applied directly to the skin hence why they're diluted with the Skin Strengthening Concentrate Base.  I've only used the Serum for a few days so I can't report back much yet but I will update after a month or so.  Get this though... the Personalized Serum is meant to last 6 months if used 2x/day.  SIX FREAKING MONTHS!!  So although, this service isn't cheap ($95), it's totally worth it to me given how long the product should last you.  And, while I can't report any "results" yet, I can say that my skin hasn't had any adverse side effects yet which doesn't take my sensitive skin long to do (usually within 24 hours).  Using the products that Kiehl's sent me home with to complete the skincare regimen, there's not one that my skin isn't loving right now.  I thought the Ultra Facial Cream might be too heavy for my oily skin but it's surprisingly fairly lightweight despite the name.
Personalized Serum Provided for Free to Review

Kiehl's is an OG in the skincare game with ratings + reviews that scream high praises.  So, it doesn't surprise me that it's one of the first brands to provide bespoke services that address skincare concerns.  If you're like me and you prefer personalized ANYTHING, you're going to love this service.  Apothecary Preparations should be offered in all Kiehl's stores by now so check out the location by you + make an appointment.