Our Gallery Wall with MixTiles

I am constantly looking on Pinterest for easy ways to spruce up my home, either easily or on the low low.  Gallery Walls always stood out to me because it seemed like the perfect way to add character without doing too much.  THE PROBLEM:  I am not a Gallery Wall person.  What's a Gallery Wall person, you ask?  Someone who loves to measure precisely, scour stores for the perfect frames and spend hours going through pictures to order.  Thats not me!!  So when I found MixTiles while scrolling on Instagram one day and saw how easy creating a Gallery Wall could be, I was all types of excited.  You all know how much I love a good peel + stick situation from my project I did with Smart Tiles last year.  And, now I have a Peel + Stick Gallery Wall... The Lord knows my heart and continues to bless me with opportunities created just for me.  

Now on to the Gallery Wall itself.  I thought I was going to be annoyed by having to use an App to place my order.  Rolled my eyes and everything but turns out the joke was on me because it might have been easier to do it on the App than it would have on the computer.  The process was super user friendly and easily allowed me to switch out pictures, crop and even add a filter to specific images if I wanted to.  The only thing I wish it allowed was for me to 'preview' what the pictures would look like hung.  I'm a little high maintenance when it comes to this type of stuff so that part may not bother you at all.  To be honest, if I could have someone come peel and stick them to the wall, that would be nice too.  LOL.

Once I chose the images from my phone and placed the order, I sat back and did nothing.  Figured I had a week or so before they arrived, so no need to rush out and get any other accessories I might need for the wall.  So joke was on me (AGAIN), when they arrived a whole two days later.  I've never been upset because an order arrived too quick in the mail but I felt a way because I had been lazy + wasn't prepared.  Nonetheless, I unboxed and immediately began to arrange the pictures on my floor in the way that I would want them on the wall.  They stayed on the floor for another week.  Judge your Momma.

When it came time to finally hang the photos, I was so happy with how easy it was.  No measuring, just eyeballing.  You can measure for preciseness if you want... that's just not my thing!  It took MAYBE 30 minutes and I really don't think it took THAT long.  I ran out to Home Goods and Home Sense to see if I could find some accent pieces but when I found the 'This is Us' sign, I felt like I didn't need anything else really.  Sometimes less is more and in this case, it was.

So I hope you enjoy my Gallery Wall + it inspires you to make your own.  MixTiles gave me a coupon code for you to use if you do: MCSHOPPE15.  Don't forget to send me pictures when you create yours!  Until next time... XOXOMCS


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