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There was no going away party or any warning but MyCandiShoppe has served her time.  So many years, I've actually wanted to change my name but just couldn't think of a new name that felt right.  Instead of forcing it, I kept MyCandiShoppe because homegirl had held me down so why not?  I knew that one day I would wake up and the right name would just come to me.  Kid you not, that's exactly what happened.

I had been going back and forth in emails with a brand + I woke up to an email response from them.  This might have been the 5th email in correspondence with them so we had been doing the back + forth thing for some time now.  But, when I opened that email and read "Hey Candi..." I nearly threw my computer.  It didn't matter that my email address is CANDICE@mycandishoppe, or that my signature says "XOXO Candice", or that my Instagram Bio actually says "Don't call me Candi".  Here we were 5 emails in and somehow I am now "Candi".  In that moment, it dawned on me that people may be referencing 'myCANDIshoppe' + calling me 'Candi' because that's what my Blog name + Social Media handles are.  Maybe... possibly.  All I knew was that this needed to be fixed ASAP.

When I woke up to the thought of 'Call Her Candice', I instantly knew that was the new name.  It was direct, mature + could stand the test of time.  I'm in a place where if I want something, I ask for it directly.  There's no beating around the bush like I did before by saying 'don't call me candi, i'm not a stripper'.  Nah... CALL HER CANDICE.  I remember years ago when I refused to let anyone call my oldest two children by nicknames.  People would constantly want to shorten Taylor to Tay or Gregory to Greg.  Immediately, I would correct them.  There's no nicknames bih!  Then Kennedy came along + I nicknamed her "Kens" myself... don't ask me why.  She's literally the only person in my house that I will call by a nickname.  I digresss... if I could constantly stand up for my kids + demand people call them by their actual names then I can do that for myself now.

So, let's all say it together... What's her name?  Candice.  And what do we call her?  Candice.  I'm a grown ass married women with three kids.  I don't need a nickname.  Never had one.  Never will.  So, if you're wondering what name I go by... call her Candice.  Mrs. Horn if you nasty!!  LOL.



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