The Bedroom Reset

After two years of living in this home I looked around proud of every area except the one room with the door always closed.  Funny how it's called the "Master" Bedroom, yet there was nothing dominant about it.  For over two years, it's been a room with a Bed, Dresser and TV.  We didn't even purchase a new Bedding Set when we moved in.  Nope, just washed our old one we've had for years + kept it moving.  No wonder, we spent VERY little time there.  Don't get me wrong... lock the door and it gets the job done for sleeping + other adult activities.  But it definitely wasn't the calming space I've always wanted it to be.  And for no reason other than it had not been a priority.  Well priorities have changed lil' fella...

We've had our Bedroom Set for about 8ish years and while it has some scratches on it from moving, it's still in great condition.  We gave the nightstands away years ago because they were just too traditional for my liking but other than, the furniture was gucci.  Not to mention, we paid good money for it so we're going to get FULL use out of it, OKAY!  Replacing the furniture wasn't necessary but my friend, Rashida, did suggest we spray paint it.  After considering the work that it would require, I decided that we still liked the dark wood.  LOL.  So I based the rest of the room decor around the fact that we had dark furniture which meant everything else needed to be light + bright.  I'm not a girl that can do all white so I decided to go with Grey, White and Blush Pink.  When I showed everything to my Mom, she insisted that the room needed a brighter, more substantial pop of color like Red, Orange, Yellow.  Hi my name is Candice, have we met Mother?  When have I ever been a fan of any of those colors?!  Then she threw out green (I think that was her attempt at knowing me a little better lol), and I agreed that a little green might work.

Hourglass Accent Table (similar option here) || Gold Palm Leaves Wall Decals (Amazon)

First I started with the Kate Spade Bedding (Comforter + Sheet Set).  Then I grabbed the Gold Tipped Lucite Curtain Rods from HomeSense.  I'm the type of person that likes having the sunlight peek through in the morning to wake me up naturally so finding sheer window treatments was important.  They actually took some time but I ended up finding them at HomeSense as well.  Come to think of it, I actually found quite a bit at HomeSense because that's also where I found the green floral throw pillow and the grey wicker bed tray.

Everything else, began to quickly come together.  The white + denim decorative pillows, I found at Target.  Once I saw those denim pillows, it was all I could think of until I eventually went back + snatched them up.  Dark brown furniture, White Pillows/Sheets with Denim Pillows to accent... it all just makes me so happy because it's sooooo me.  This definitely sounds like an outfit I would wear!

Chambray Pillows (Target)

Okay moving along... since we rent, I didn't feel like painting only to have to paint it back when we left so my choices were removable wallpaper or removable wall decals.  When I found the leaf decals on amazon, I hit add to cart IMMEDIATELY + then purchased two weeks later.  LOL, we all do that right?  Applying them took about an hour with (2) sets of hands because I'm a Leo + need to control everything.  For example: Husband goes to place decal.  I yell and say no not there!  Then tell him to move it 3 centimeters to the right.  Perfect!  I don't know why I'm this way guys.  Once we got the decals up, the room started to transform.  And since Hubs arms were already on fire, I figured asking him to hang the curtains immediately after was ideal.  Now once those curtains went up, the room really started looking NEW NEW.


Popped the bedding on to the bed and what we have here ladies + gents is a whole ass adult bedroom.  But that wasn't enough.  The wall decals were cute but the wall behind the headboard still seemed empty.  I decided that some pictures would be REAL cute so I reached out to my friends at FrameBridge on 14th St. in DC to make that happen.  Guys... GUYS, this experience was another level of adulting that I will have to go into further detail in another Blog Post.  Just know, if it deserves it's own Blog Post then shit must be legit.

Irvine White Mat Frame (Framebridge) || Marble + Gold Globe Light (Target)

Anyways, how do you think it all came out?!  Our bedroom isn't the largest space as we're only able to fit a Queen size bed in it but I think we've utilized the space well.  And, I promise you I've spent a ridiculously amount of time in my room since we completed it.  Now it actually feels like a space I can go hang out in... that I actually WANT to hang out in.  If you haven't spruced your bedroom up in a while, do it girl... it'll have you acting brand new.