I Purchased + Tried the MIRROR Home Gym + This is What Happened...

How's the MIRROR going for you, Candice?  Glad you asked!  This was actually my Mother's Day gift from the family but with shipping delays + an increase in orders, it took about a month to receive it.  Touch-free delivery was great as the men wore masks + placed the box inside of our home for us to unbox.  Unfortunately set up by the company was not possible at the time due to safety precautions.  Honestly, set up was easy except the fact that this thing is HEAVY!  Looking at the pictures + videos of it online, I thought it would be the average weight of a full length mirror.  WRONG.  Just standing the MIRROR up against the wall was a task for my husband + I to do together.  So happy I had an extra set of hands because there was no way I could lift it by myself.  Once out of the box, plugged in + app downloaded, getting started was super easy.
The variety of exercise classes was really nice as I could do high intensity cardio or low impact barre which my knees appreciated.  Adding music to the workouts wasn't hard to do from your own playlists but as you can imagine, the music wasn't on beat to the workout (for obvious reasons).  I tried the option of utilizing the music provided by MIRROR + found that it sounded like the music was added after/over the video as it still was not on beat.  This definitely bothered me a little as I really like workout classes because of how the music can drive your motivation to go harder.  This put a damper on the main reason for me getting the MIRROR which was because I love a good workout class with good music.

Seeing my metrics on the MIRROR throughout the workout was nice as it kept me from looking down at my Apple Watch every 2 seconds.  The Apple Watch is used for heart rate monitoring which in turns measures your calories burned.  Unfortunately, the MIRROR + Apple Watch Activity does not entirely interface with each other.  Many times the calories burned shown on the MIRROR varied greatly from what was shown on my watch.  Also, since the MIRROR doesn't completely integrate with the Apple Watch Activity, the workout doesn't appear in your activity as a "MIRROR workout".  If you're familiar with using the Peloton app for workouts, then you know that your workouts will appear in the Apple Watch Activity as a "Peloton workout".  For MIRROR classes, you will actually need to select what type of activity it is on your Apple Watch which may account for the difference in the numbers provided after your workout on the MIRROR vs your Apple Watch.

Lastly, I was hype about being to take Live classes or use the Personal Training right from my home.  This never happened though because I could never get the Live classes to start when I needed them to.  Sometimes they would start + there was sound but no visual.  At this point I was over it + began the process of returning my MIRROR.  The first thing customer service offered was to have Tech Support reach out to me + see if they could fix some of the issues.  In addition, (1) personal training session was offered for my inconvenience.   Tech Support never called after a week so I reached back out to continue my return process.  

The week my MIRROR was scheduled for pick-up, Lululemon acquired MIRROR which almost had me second guess returning the device but I decided to move forward as I didn't think any features will be upgraded or changed for some time.  Any changes made won't be overnight + I have very little patience.  Pick-up was just as easy as delivery with the men packaging up the MIRROR for me + with the same precautions.  The MIRROR was picked up for the return on a Friday and by Tuesday, a full refund for the device was in my bank account.  My reasons for returning the device might vary greatly with whats important to you.  The device integrating with your Apple Watch (or other fitness band) might not matter much to you.  Listening to music while you workout might not be your thing.  And seeing/tracking accurate fitness stats may not be important for you really.  For me, all of these things are what made the difference between me truly enjoying the MIRROR + me returning it.  

Since I received so many questions about my MIRROR when I shared it on Instagram, I thought it was important to share a detailed review for anyone else interested in grabbing one.  I tried to touch on all of the (what I think are) important aspects but if you have other questions, ask below in the comments.  I'm always around!



  1. Thank you for the info.

  2. It looks like a nice experience but you need it to work for what you wanted out of it. Enjoy the Peloton though!


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